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What to expect after D&C

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beonit · 10/11/2009 11:56

This has probably been covered in other threads, apologies if so - I had a quick look and couldn't find anything.

I have had a MMC at 9 weeks (foetus stopped developing at 7 weeks) and am due to have a D&C tomorrow. I was just wondering what to expect afterwards.

I read somewhere that your milk can come in after a miscarriage and for some reason I found this idea almost more upsetting than anything else. Is this generally the case, or it only after a late miscarriage?

Also, how did others feel afterwards? I'm going to be looking after my 16 month old for the rest of the week and planning on being back at work next week. Am i being realistic?

Really grateful to hear anyone else's thoughts.

OP posts:
just1moreplease · 10/11/2009 14:35

hi beonit firstly sorry to hear you are going through this.

i have had 2 erpc. they are generally very quick and relatively painless. jut some light bleeding/spotting and period like cramps.

this obviously different for different people. im sure somepeople will be along to share their experiences.

when i had the 1st i expected to be fairly bad afterwards but i found i was able to look after my 2 dc and with the 2nd i returned to work the following monday. [procedure done fri] i also managed a trip to the pub on the sat afternoon!

just be kind to yourself. hope it all goes okay.


ruddynorah · 10/11/2009 14:38

after my erpc it was just like a period for a week or so. no milk came in or anything like that. it was really very straightforward, no pain or discomfort at all.

please don't worry too much

EldonAve · 10/11/2009 14:41

I would expect some bleeding
I don't recall having pain after either of mine
felt a bit rough and tired due to the GA

no milk issues - I think that must relate to later losses

annie51 · 10/11/2009 15:04


I've had 6 mc's and 6 D & C's must agree with everybody else no milk issues, varing spotting/bleeding lasting from in one case a day to 10 days last time.
Pain again varing would have some painkillers in the house along with a hot water bottle just for comfort.
Proceedure in itself is straightforward but depending on your hosp might have to wait around, I always bring a book and some lip balm for dry lips as fasting from night before.
Back on feet the next day but v tired both due to lack of sleep and emotional overload. Don't do a lot for a few days but you will know yourself what you feel up to doing. I generally have a spring clean a few days afterward, my DH goes crazy as he thinks I should rest more.
I have 2 DD's ages 6 and 4 and was able to look after them no bother but a 16 month would be more demanding so I would make just in case arrangments. I have never wanted mine out of the house while I recovered as I found the house too quiet.
Will think of u tomorrow.
Hope this helps.

beonit · 10/11/2009 15:17

Thanks all of you for taking the time to reply. Very reassuring - it sounds as if the arrangements I've made should be OK. Am dreading tomorrow but I guess once it is over I can start 'moving on'.

OP posts:
wouldlovetoknowwhy · 10/11/2009 15:22

Sorry for your loss.

Everyone is different so you won't really know how you'll be until after you've had the op. I've had three D&Cs and have had fairly similar post-op experiences but light-headedess right after the op plus bleeding for two weeks and slight cramping for a day or so after the op have been 'standard' for me. However, this last time, I had very painful stomach cramps for at least two days, which wasn't pleasant and did perturb me slightly. However, it has now passed.

I was back on my feet fairly quickly after the ops so you should be fine looking after your toddler but if you can, do get help for the first 24-48hrs after the op - I was told not to drive for a day after the op.

doghouse · 10/11/2009 17:17

Just wanted to say that I was you this time last week. D&C booked for next day and checking out Mumsnet for advice on what to expect. I lost my bean at 7weeks too and I have to say that my experience was that I was ... absolutely fine. I know everyone is different but I can honestly say that from coming around after the general I felt almost 100% and needed no painkillers, had no cramping and just light spotting (still today but barely there) and although i spent the afternoon after the op on the sofa with choc and magazine it was more a case of making the most of it whilst DH ran around after 2.5 yo DD!!!

If I had known all this this time last week I would have worried so much less. So I hope that helps. Oh, and one other thing I asked for anti sickness drug from anaethesitist (I know that is the wrong spelling!) as I have a bit of a phobia there.

Hope all goes well and take it easy if you need to.

happyharry · 10/11/2009 17:33

Sorry for your loss. I 2 had missed miscarriance. ERPC was fine. Was in much less pain afterwards than I was before.

beonit · 10/11/2009 19:17

Thanks again. One more question... I have started bleeding a bit in the last couple of hours or so. I am really hoping I'm not going to have to go through a natural miscarriage tonight. Anyone know what the liley periuod of time is between a bit of bleeding and the miscarriage proper?

OP posts:
annie51 · 10/11/2009 20:16


It depends I've had a missed mc development stopped at 8 weeks and I had DC at 11 weeks with spotting and cramping for a week.
All my experiances have been like that never a natural mc. Never thought of saying burI do be lightheaded afterwards this could last 1-2 days.

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