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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss


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Chyla · 16/06/2005 17:27

When a woman has a misscarriage in the early days such as 28 weeks gone, what does the foetus look like? and is there a burial for the miscarried baby etc?

OP posts:
Enid · 16/06/2005 17:36

28 weeks?

you would go through labour at that stage and I imagine the baby would look exactly like a baby. Do you mean 28 days?

HappyHuggy · 16/06/2005 17:36

There can be if the mother would like there to be.

Marina · 16/06/2005 17:38

Why do you want to know?

Enid · 16/06/2005 17:41

a 'miscarriage' at 28 weeks is actually a stillbirth.

Chyla · 16/06/2005 18:00

yes sorry, i meant 28 days not weeks!

OP posts:
starlover · 16/06/2005 18:02

28 days is only 4 weeks. the foetus would be very, very, very tiny. and no, there would be no burial

HappyHuggy · 16/06/2005 18:02

so about 4 weeks?

I think that if you want to do something special to remember your baby by then you should.

I had a miscarraige about 2 weeks ago - id have been about 6 weeks.

Im not sure what you want to know about how developed the baby woud have been and whether it would be helpful to find out iykwim

Did you see the doctor Chyla?

Marina · 16/06/2005 18:13

A lot of women who miscarry a baby or experience stillbirth plant a tree in their garden, or a flowering shrub, to remember their child.
Is this about you Chyla and are you all right?
The Miscarriage Association is a good, supportive site to start looking for answers.

Chyla · 17/06/2005 10:04

Just about a month ago or so I tested positive on only 1 test and would have been about 4 weeks gone and was all booked up to go to the docs and excited, but then I got these terrible stomach pains and bleeded very heavily that not even my regular tampon took the amount of blood, so I was confused as to whether I was preg or not and the actual test was wrong because I only did one.

I just wanted to know that if I had miscarried would an actual being have come out of me (the baby) or just blood.

OP posts:
starlover · 17/06/2005 10:08

if there was an embryo there then yes, it would have come out. but it's not very likely that you'd have noticed it, or been able to tell what it was.

QueenFlounce · 17/06/2005 10:12

Chyla - When I was 16 my period was a week late. I just blanked it out of my head. Then my period arrived and I thought PHEW!! But it was really unlike an period I'd had before..... VERY heavy (lots of gunk...sorry!!), cramping, and lasted only 3 days. I went to the GP as I felt totally drained afterwards..... he said he could almost guarantee it was a miscarriage. I didn't really think about it until years later.

Chyla · 17/06/2005 10:25

I'm so sorry to hear of your m/c QueenFlounce - Hugs to you and to anyone else it's happened to or can't conceive.

I noticed my blood was very clotted and dark and mine too only lasted a short period of time. About a week before this I was experiencing nausea and had unprotected sex with my DP which is why I took the test in the first place.

OP posts:
horseshoe · 17/06/2005 12:11


This may not offer any comfort to you but it did for me!!!

At 4 weeks the embro is in the process of attaching itself to the womb lining. The reason why so many women m/c even without realising they were pregnant at this time is because the embro does not attach itself correctly and breaks away.

At that time the embro is a group of cells and it would be impossible to say which clots would have been the baby and what ones would have been the womb lining shedding.

I'm very sorry that you had to go through that.

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