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Here we go again

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giraffesCantLightAFirework · 02/11/2009 07:12

6th Nov is the date we lost dd in 2005. Every year I go a bit gaga before the date, last night I have been up all night. Had a lovely evening but when I got to bed just fell apart. Not had a moments sleep and need to leave for work in 20 minutes, luckily only in for a wee while as then I have hospital appointment. My eyes are all puffy and red and I dont have the energy to wash my hair, going to look terrible today. Just fed up. Blaa. Life sucks.

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LibrasBiscuitsOfFortune · 02/11/2009 07:21

I know you don't feel like you have the energy but if you can force yourself washing your hair is a simple thing that might make you feel like you can face the world. Whilst washing hair pop 2 teaspoons in fridge and use on eyes after hair wash.

I'm really sorry for your loss and have some very un-MN like hugs from me.

Buda · 02/11/2009 07:40

You poor thing.

Would agree with Libras that washing your hair will make you feel better. My mum puts spoons in the freezer for her eyes!

It is not surprising you go a bit 'gaga' as you put it. Let yourself cry and grieve.

My mum had a baby girl who died shortly after birth 40 years ago. It took a long time for her not to cry on the anniversary and even now she still talks about her.

Hugs from me too.

giraffesCantLightAFirework · 02/11/2009 23:03

Thanks, nearly fell asleep in hosp waiting room, so tired. Not spoken to anyone all day, been screening calls. The lead ups always worse than the actual date.

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