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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

FFS whats going on

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CakeandFineWine · 26/10/2009 20:56

I'm so frustrated I MC at 14 weeks 58 days ago.
I sort of feel that I've finally sorted by head out as much as I can and am ready to get back on the horse and try again so to speak

But I still haven't had AF
SURELY everything should be back to normal by now, I was scanned on 17th Sept and told everything was hunkeydory physically and discharged from the gynae assessment unit.

Before anyone asked YES I've had lots of unprotected sex but have been peeing on sticks every other day and they've all been painfully negative so it doesn't seem likely it that,
GP said they would start investigations next week! I'm fed up and frustrated!!

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thefatladyscreams · 27/10/2009 13:55


Sorry to hear about your loss.

Have a read of this thread:

Just m/c Starting it all again

Lots of us have had really weird cycles after m/c - to the point we have christened it the WTF cycle.

Hope AF makes an appearance soon for you.

CakeandFineWine · 28/10/2009 20:30

thanks it arrived this evening
thought I'd be gutted but I'm actually just so relieved that I can just get on with it!

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