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does anyone know anything about "thin endometrium" (womb lining)?

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kissmummy · 16/10/2009 17:18

I'm getting pretty specialised here and not expecting any replies really but thought i'd throw it out there just in case someone knows about it. I was wondering how it is diagnosed. there is a bit about it on the net (it is linked to miscarriage) but i can't find any info about how they diagnose it.

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hoops997 · 16/10/2009 18:49

can they measure it by ultrasound?

kissmummy · 16/10/2009 20:33

don't know! none of the drs i've seen have ever mentioned it to me and yet if you google it, it is known to be linked to miscarriage. as i get very very light periods i am just wondering in a totally uninformed kind of way whether it might be relevant in my case.

OP posts:
hoops997 · 16/10/2009 20:43

I don't know whether this thread will help a bit here

ChoChoSan · 19/10/2009 10:28

Thin endometrium can be identified by ultrasound scan. Ideally the thickness would be at least 8mm by the time of ovulation.

Progesterone pessaries can support growth in thickness.

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