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MC then period- any advice please?!

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sakura28 · 13/10/2009 23:11

Hi all,
I had my 2nd mc this year in sept, the bleeding lasted for nearly 4 weeks so my doc has referred me for a scan (which is on monday).
My bleeding stopped for the first time yesterday but today I started bleeding again today heavily. It didn't click with me but my partner pointed out it is probably my period as I would be due on today (quite obvious really - duh! ) especially as my cycle is very regular.
So, I have had a mc for the past 4 weeks then I believe started my period today.
Do you think its worth me still going for this scan? I think it was just to check everything was 'out' after the mc, although I'm not entirely sure.
And any advice if I can start ttc straight after my period?
I think I'll ring my doc tomorrow but any words of wisdom ould be much appreciated!

Thanks xxxx

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tigerbear · 13/10/2009 23:28

Sakura, sorry to hear about your mc. Am in the same situation - had a mc last month, and am now having my first period after it.
I think it might be worth going for the scan, just in case. Does your period normally start so heavily? If not, it might still be mc bleeding.

As far as TTC goes, from what others have said on MN, it's ok to try again straight away, as long as you don't have any other physical symptoms. But best to check with the docs, as I guess any long term bleeding might be a sign of infection. Good luck with the scan.

waspylady · 14/10/2009 08:56

Hi Sakura

I'm sorry to hear about your mc....I had one in Sept but it only lasted a week and I haven't had a period yet.

I went for a scan 2 weeks after the mc started just to give peace of mind that everything was as it should be. It sounds like you bled for an unusual amount of time so it's best just to check everything is ok now.

As for ttc, they say to wait until after first period for dating reasons but otherwise you can get started straight away as long as you feel up to it.

We already started this month without waiting for a period so fingers crossed!

Hope scan goes well

sakura28 · 14/10/2009 17:22

Thanks guys, I will go for the scan on monday and I'll let you know the results as soon as I know.
tiger - sorry to hear about your mc. My period is usually heavy to start off with so this is normal for me. Thanks for your kind words
waspy - thanks for your advice. I think I will start ttc straight away again too, best wishes and good luck to you, I'll be keeping an eye out for any good news from you!


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