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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Its the little things that hurt :(

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GiraffesAndDucksSayQuack · 24/09/2009 19:23

Best friend has 6 week old baby, shes lovely I am doing ok being around her, its hard but am getting there. I am covering her maternity leave minding 2 children, today we all met up with her and the baby. One child said "Why have you got a baby? Giraffes is older that you and she hasn't even got a baby"

Its like a knife sometimes, just the little harmless comments that get to me the most. Life is royally unfair eh?

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Northernlurker · 24/09/2009 19:30

Oh you poor thing! That was salt in the wound alright wasn't it?

There isn't anything to say to make you feel better so I won't even try except to say that I'm sitting here thinking how your life has been touched by mother love. This amazing powerful, changing force has touched you and it's not fair that you don't have your little one, it's terrible that love cxame with such grief. What should be joyful is full of fear and pain BUT still that love is in you and has changed your life. I always remember what Gordon Brown's brother said at little Jennifer's funeral - that she had only been with her parents for a week but she had changed their lives forever. There's such a lot of power in that - things that seem lost and futile aren't because they shape lives, they make their mark. It's not want we want, it's not how it should be but still it is something.

starkadder · 24/09/2009 19:38

Poor you Giraffes.

I read a very moving extract in a David Lodge book recently. It is from the journal of a naturalist called Bruce Cummings:

"To me the honour is sufficient of belonging to the universe - such a great universe and so great in the scheme of things. Not even Death can rob me of that honour. For nothing can alter the fact that I have lived; I have been I, if for so ever short a time. And when I am dead, the matter which composes my body is indestructible - and eternal, so that come what may to my "Soul", my dust will always be going on, each separate atom of me playing its separate part."

Which is the same as what Northernlurker said, I think.

GiraffesAndDucksSayQuack · 24/09/2009 22:27

Thanks, those were both nice to read

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