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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

So teary at the moment

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kanella · 14/09/2009 21:16

Hi ladies,

It is my first time on here but I feel so welcome already. I also (natural)m/c when I was 10.5 weeks although my baby died at 6 weeks. I went home and started bleeding so heavy down the toilet, it was awful, I went to A&E in such a state, I passed out with blood everywhere and was put on oxygen and a drip. Fortunately I was kept in for 3 days, I felt so safe in there and met some great girls who had also been through the same thing. My family didn't understand at alland still don't. I took a week off and went back to work. That was 6 weeks ago and I haven't stopped bleeding yet, it is driving me crazy now, I feel so sore after wearing towels for so long. Been on antibiotics from the doctor but think I will have to go back to hospital for another scan. I just want to try and move on but I will never forget my angel. I think I feel better one day and then in tears the next. My best friend is due any day and I can't bear to tell her what i have been through. Thanks for listening xxx

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echofalls · 14/09/2009 21:49

so sorry to hear about your loss and horrible experience. I suffered a mc when I was 8 weeks with my second pregnancy 14 years ago. I still think of the baby and it helped me to name her (of course have no way of knowing but my gut feeling is that it was a girl) It takes time to come to terms with what has happened to you .. you need time to grieve and think about the what ifs.

I think you have been bleeding for a long time and should speak to your GP again just to make sure that there is no infections present.

Take care of yourself

kanella · 14/09/2009 22:10

Oh Thanx echofalls. will keep you updated. Take care x

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Mouette · 15/09/2009 16:42

Dear kanella
So sorry to hear about your loss. I lost my baby son last year at 17 weeks and was devastated. Losing a baby is no different from any other bereavement, you must give yourself time to grieve. It helped me too to name the baby, and I also created a memory box for him with cards that people sent, dried flowers, etc. I agree you should see your GP and probaby get a scan done to make sure there is no tissue left behind, that could be causing the bleeding. It does get better, you have to try and get through one day at a time. Take care. xx

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