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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

strange question alert,,,,,,,

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CakeandFineWine · 07/09/2009 19:19

I has a MC last week at 13 weeks,
Bleeding began Sunday and M/C on Wednesday

At A&E the charge nurse told me my pg test was +ve I said surely it would be it tkaes a while for hormone to leave my body and he said "oh no it goes -ve v.quickly.

Did test today out of curiosity, Def nt pg again as not done the deed iyswim. Surprise surpise BFP Haha I knew it.

my strange question is when will the test be negative? How long after a MC does it take roughly>

OP posts:
AnyFucker · 07/09/2009 19:21

you have had a positive over a week after starting bleeding ?

have you had a scan since ?

EccentricaGallumbits · 07/09/2009 19:21

sorry for your loss. charge nurse was talking bollocks. I think it takes a couple of weeks to get back to zero.

EccentricaGallumbits · 07/09/2009 19:22

but also if still having pregnancy symptoms perhaps will need a scan to see if everything is gone.

Scorps · 07/09/2009 19:23

it takes a good couple of weeks to get a neg. i didnt get a neg for 8 days, after a 5 week mc.

Sorry for your loss

AnyFucker · 07/09/2009 19:24

you might need to have your hormone levels checked (to cut out the possibility of a molar pregnancy)

so sorry, I saw your other thread too xx

ZippysMum · 07/09/2009 19:26

Sorry to hear about your loss.

Depends how far along you are - further along means HCG takes longer to go back to nothing.

I was still getting +ves 2 weeks (albeit quite faint) after a mc at 9 weeks. I had a D and C.

FabBakerGirlIsBack · 07/09/2009 19:27

You need a scan.

You could still be pregnant.

CakeandFineWine · 07/09/2009 19:27

I had a scan and sac etc was def not there on Thursday, no pg symptoms anymore whatsoever!
I guess its only actually 5ish days since actual M/C I knew he was talking shit, it takes ages.....

OP posts:
MrsHappy · 07/09/2009 19:27

Agree with Eccentrica - ask for a scan to be sure, but the nurse is talking crap.

Sorry about your loss.

MrsHappy · 07/09/2009 19:28

X-posted. Yes, 5 days is nothing. Give it a couple of weeks.

FabBakerGirlIsBack · 07/09/2009 19:29

I had a m/c.

Positive test.

Hormonal levels weren't doing what they were meant too.

Had conceived twice with 3 babies. All very strange.

Surviving Baby had his first day at school today.

I hope you get good news very soon.

CakeandFineWine · 07/09/2009 19:29

Thanks all, there was def nowt on scan I've had loads over the last week no heartbeat or anything etc.

OK not stupid question,
Whats a molar pregnancy?

OP posts:
CakeandFineWine · 07/09/2009 19:31

meant to say OK next stupid question not Ok not stupid question

OP posts:
FabBakerGirlIsBack · 07/09/2009 19:34

You were right the first time

It isn't a stupid question. I don't know either.

CakeandFineWine · 07/09/2009 19:38

cheers fab

OP posts:
ZippysMum · 07/09/2009 19:38

Copied and pasted from here

What is a molar pregnancy?

Trophoblastic disease is an uncommon complication of pregnancy. To understand it we must first look at a normal pregnancy. This consists of two 'parts' developing in the womb.

The foetus or developing baby, the placenta (or after-birth), which has many functions including the feeding of the baby and the removal of its waste products. The placenta is made of millions of cells called trophoblasts.

These two parts normally develop together, in parallel, the end result being a healthy baby and a placenta which is no longer needed, so the latter is expelled just after the baby is born (afterbirth).

In trophoblastic disease there is an abnormal overgrowth of all or part of the placenta, causing what is called a molar pregnancy or hydatidiform mole.

CakeandFineWine · 07/09/2009 19:41

oh i see, ooh don't like the sound of that,
I have another scan booked for a week Thurs, surely that would pick this up.

Oh and I stopped bleeding yest too, this also seems quick, is this normal?

Sorry 4 all the q's I promise to pass this valuable info on to other when needed

OP posts:
ZippysMum · 07/09/2009 19:48

A molar pg looks different on a scan than a 'normal' pg that has ended - no baby, just an empty sac or a 'mass'.

If you had a scan before your MC, I am pretty sure a molar pg would have been picked up.

So try not to worry about it.

hazeyjane · 07/09/2009 19:48

If you are concerned about molar pregnancy ask them to do a urine/blood test to test your hcg levels, they are usually exceptionally high in a molar pregnancy

CakeandFineWine · 07/09/2009 19:50

To be honest I seem to have gone to my happy place now and am weirdly laid back about it all.....

OP posts:
AnyFucker · 07/09/2009 19:50

yes, a molar pg would have shown up on any scans

so, probably just taking a while for hormones to settle

chamoiscreased · 07/09/2009 21:02

I miscarried at 12 weeks. It took over 3.5 weeks to get a negative test. Apparently this is about average.

Joolsiam · 07/09/2009 21:13

I mc'ed at 11+5 - bled heavily for 3 days, then it tailed off, so I tested every week for 3 weeks and saw the test get progressively lighter till the line was of the variety that anyone not obsessively TCC would consider negative.

2 weeks after that, I got what I thought was a faint BFP with FMU, but I wasn't pg - it had just taken that long to completely go

juliet2 · 07/09/2009 21:47

my daughter as had 2 miscarriages and soon as she lost them she did a preg test and they were both negative within a few hrs

beanie35 · 07/09/2009 22:20

It took more than a month for a pg test to show up negative after both my miscarriages, doctor said this is perfectly possible. I had the fear of God put in me by well meaning but uninformed people on NHS direct and the miscarriage association who said that after such a long time it must be either, molar or ectopic.

I'd advise anyone to stay well away from pg tests after a miscarriage, unless they have ttc straight away and could be pg again.

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