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How long should you/did you bleed after MC & EPRC?

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PolarBear74 · 06/09/2009 07:21

MC was 5 weeks ago. 3 weeks in bleeding stopped. Then had EPRC as lining of womb still too thick apparently and now have been bleeding for 2 weeks since the op.

Should the EPRC not have removed all and the bleeding have stopped by now?

Sorry just frustrated.

OP posts:
barbiebigpants · 06/09/2009 07:27

sorry for your loss...i didnt bleed at all after eprc...mind you i didnt bleed at all for the whole 8 months after apart from a few days spotting. I would maybe give the doctors a call as you should only experience light bleeding after the op and only for a few days? I hope you get some answers soon x

QuietlyTTC · 06/09/2009 08:38

Is the bleeding heavy or are you having cramps? If so see GP asap

Did they give you ABs after the ERPC?

With my 2nd ERPC I bleed for ages but it was very light and very on and off
I had a follow up gynae appt and they seemed to think all was well

Any concerns go see your GP

CantSleepWontSleep · 06/09/2009 08:48

I bled for 6 days after ERPC, then stopped, then started again a couple of days later and bled lightly for another week or so iirc.

Mouette · 06/09/2009 14:21

I bled for 3 weeks after the ERPC. I was 17 weeks pregnant when I lost the baby. If you are concerned, talk to your GP and ask to be referred for a scan, they will check that everything is OK. In my case the ERPC did remove everything it needed to remove (including the placenta), but I still bled for 3 weeks. A scan showed that the lining of the womb was normal, so it's not abnormal to bleed for a while after an ERPC even if it has dealt with everything.
I am sorry for your loss - it's hard when the medical side gets protracted like that. Hope you get better soon. x

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