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Hypercoiled cord - please help

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godwin · 05/08/2009 09:50

Hi. I joined here last aug after my 4th consecutive miscarriage,but i don't post often. In brief my story is this.

2001 gave birth to a healthy boy at term
2004 gave birth to a healthy boy at term
2006 mc of triplets at 8 weeks
2007 late mc at 20 weeks baby girl
2008 jan mmc at 12 weeks
2008 aug late mc at 16 weeks baby girl

At this point we were referred to st marys london, had tests repeated that my consultant had already done twice, they also did further testing, everything looked as it should.

In jan this year found i was expecting again, was put on low dose aspirin, heparin and progesterone. I refused weekly monitering as it has sent me neurotic in the past! All seemed to be progressing well, at 20 week scan i was concerned about the baby's head measurement as it was coming up at 18 weeks and 5 days not the 20 weeks and 3 days that i was, sonographer said she wasn't "unduly worried" and i was due to return at 24 weeks anyway to see consultant. Hubby began to relax and we allowed ourselves to talk about our new baby and the future. On tue 12 may i woke feeling strange after a restless night, saw my midwife who couldn't locate hb, we were sent straight for scan, i didn't really expect to be told bad news but at the same time i new something wasn't right, we were sadly told our baby had passed away.

Baby martha was born on fri 15 may 2009, perfect in my reason for this horrendously long post, is because post mortem results show that the cord was hypercoiled restricting flow to the baby resulting in growth restriction and eventual fetal demise. If the cord had been normal, we are all sure that this baby would have had a chance because of the drugs i was on(even though there wasn't a reason for me to take anything) I had a hysteroscopy and there is no scarring or damage. Baby girl we lost in 2007 post mortem showed large subchorionic haematoma, so we had a reason for that loss. Are we really just the unlucky statistic? To have a hypercoiled cord is very rare, supposedly 1 in 1000 births world wide, selfishly we are thinking why did it have to be us. if anyone is still reading this do you think that there could be a link to me miscarrying girls or that it all has just been bad luck? Also, if anyone has any info on this cord condition or knows a happy ending after many miscarriages i really could do with hearing them.
Many thanks for reading this.

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thefatladyscreams · 05/08/2009 15:07


I'm so sorry for the loss of your martha. Your thinking is not selfish at all - anyone would be thinking why us.

I m/c a couple of weeks ago and have been googling like mad but not come across any connection with gender.

Bumping in the hope that someone with more experience will be along soon.

lal123 · 05/08/2009 15:10

Life is so unfair. Thinking of you - but no useful advice I'm afraid!

Habbibu · 05/08/2009 15:20

I'm so sorry for all your losses. I'm not sure if it's the same thing, but a friend of mine lost her first baby at 28 weeks - a section of the cord was twisted and twisted and twisted so tightly that he was starved of oxygen, nutrients, etc. She was also told it was extremely rare. The good news is that her second baby is now a thriving 2 1/2 year old girl.

I also know of someone who had healthy children after 10 miscarriages. Sometimes I think these things are just horrible bad luck, and you're just getting way more than your fair share. We lost our first baby in 2005 at 21 weeks (she had anencephaly) and then our third last year (partial molar pregnancy) - dd was born in between. It seems so mad to have so many rare things happen - I hope you have more luck very soon, and a new wee one to take home safe and sound.

cupcakefairy · 06/08/2009 11:23

Hi godwin, gosh I'm so sorry for everything you've been through, it sounds horrendous.

Just wanted to say that one of my friends' mums was told she had a condition that meant she couldn't have healthy baby boys. She miscarried one, then had one with a cleft lip and one with a diapragmatic hernia. (Both are fine after operations but several complications after birth) She had two perfectly healthy girls.
I think it is possible for there to be a connection with the gender.

Take care of yourself.

tots2ten · 06/08/2009 11:37

godwin I am so sorry for you losses.

My mil has had 2 baby girls that were still-born. 1 that died shortly after birth. She also has had 2 or 3 mcs.

She has 2 sons.

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