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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss


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busybuzybee · 25/07/2009 16:44

Hi there. I wonder if anyone can help me. I had a miscarriage on 30 June when I was only 5 weeks pregnant. Everything happened naturally and I had a blood test on 7 July which said my HCG levels had dropped to 10. Today however I did two clearblue pregnancy tests - the first one was just the normal Clearblue Plus and that came back a 'strong' positive. This afternoon I did a Clearblue digital test and that has come back saying I am 1-2 weeks pregnant. I haven't had a period yet since my miscarriage and if it was going to be 28 days after it would be about Monday.

Do you think I still have lots of HCG left in me? I know from reading charts that if it comes up as 1-2 weeks then you must have at least 40 mIU of HCG. Mine was 10 on 7 July.

I just dont want to get my hopes up but I don't really 'feel' pregnant.

OP posts:
FabBakerGirlIsBack · 25/07/2009 16:46

You could have been pregnant with twins.

I would see your GP.

busybuzybee · 25/07/2009 16:56

No I couldn't have been pregnant with twins and only lost one otherwise the HCG levels wouldnt have dropped so low and so quick.

OP posts:
FabBakerGirlIsBack · 25/07/2009 17:20


just going on my experience

i hope you get some answers

busybuzybee · 25/07/2009 17:29

Thank you though xx

OP posts:
skybright · 25/07/2009 17:36

It would be strange to get two positive results after two weeks and it dropping to 10 HCG. (Without pregnancy a womens levels are 5).

I think you are most probably pregnant again,congratulations.

busybuzybee · 31/07/2009 18:23

Today I did another digital clearblue test and it has come back at 3+ weeks pregnant. I do have period pains it seems though so does anyone have any suggestions as to what could be happening. The test said I was 1-2 weeks pregnant last Saturday. ?????!!!!

OP posts:
MrsHappy · 31/07/2009 18:32

I would say you are pregnant.

I think it would be odd for HCG levels to drop so low and then be on the increase 5 weeks later without there being a new pregnancy. I do not believe that the CBD conception indicator is all that accurate (normal range HCG levels are so broad) but the fact that they appear to be increasing suggests a developing pregnancy.

Period-type pains in early pregnancy are completely normal IME.

I think you should get yourself to your EPAU, explain to them what is going on and have them confirm the pregnancy.

busybuzybee · 03/08/2009 18:51

Just to keep updated. It is now 2 August. I still have not started my period. I am having to need a wee a lot. I am also constipated and my boobs are sore but not mega sore. I havent been to doctor yet as I am out of the country with work and can't get to one. I phoned Clearblue this morning for some advice but she was extremely unhelpful and said maybe their tests were wrong but I have no idea what is going on still. Arghhhhhh!

OP posts:
dcb · 04/08/2009 18:50

Sounds like you are PG to me

busybuzybee · 06/08/2009 19:20

Just thought I would add the next chapter! I had an HCG test today and my levels were 10,057! OMG!!!!!

OP posts:
HeadFairy · 06/08/2009 19:23

Blimey!!! So I guess you're pregnant then?? Congratulations Can they give you an estimate as to how far gone you are based on those levels or is that not possible without a scan. How exciting and lovely for you!!!!

busybuzybee · 06/08/2009 19:47

I miscarried on 30 June so they are working it out from then. I am still very very nervous. Still keep crying. Emotions all over the show.

OP posts:
HeadFairy · 06/08/2009 19:48

Oh wow, scary time but so exciting too (I'm 20 weeks pg following 2 mcs back to back so I know where you're coming from) I hope things go ok.

liahgen · 06/08/2009 19:49

buzy that's lovely news.

Possible could have been twins, think it's more likely you conceived immediately, I did with my dc4 after a mmc at 12 wks.

dcb · 06/08/2009 19:53

Lovely news

Dozer · 07/08/2009 14:23

Best wishes busybusybee!

hellymelly · 07/08/2009 14:25

oh that has made me cry! lovely! congratulations to you!

busybuzybee · 12/08/2009 19:29

Thank you all very much xxxx

OP posts:
Kileyrs · 14/08/2009 02:33

Hey Buzybee, I was just reading your posts here and wanted to say CONGRATS! Keep us all updated, I can tell youre very excited and I wish you the very best with this pregnancy! =)

PeachesMac · 14/08/2009 14:35

That is lovely news! Congratulations! A Dr friend told me that after a miscarriage a woman is extremely fertile!

busybuzybee · 18/08/2009 08:36

Thank you very much. I am 7 weeks today. Still checking the toilet paper every time I go to the loo but hey ho.

OP posts:
ZippysMum · 18/08/2009 08:46

Wow, busybee - what a rollercoaster!
(didn't help that I just read the whole thread in about 2 mins!)

Huge congratulations!


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lisad123wantsherquoteinDM · 18/08/2009 08:56

congrats to you.

Piper03 · 28/05/2012 13:04

Hi there,
I have had a similar thing happen to me.
I miscarried 2 months ago.
I did a clearblue digital test and it showed positive 2 days ago.
We were so happy as we've been trying.
I did a cheapie test to get rid of it that was here and it showed negative!
Then yesterday i did another clearblue digital one but it has showed positive again!!
I'm so confused and upset and today i have a bleed.
i dont know whats going on.
How did you get on busybuzybee? :)

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