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advice on baby asprin

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juliet2 · 22/07/2009 21:25

i am just wanting some advice on baby asprin, my daughter has had 2 mc both at 5 week 4 days, when she next conceives do you think baby asprin will help prevent a third even with her previous mc bein so early on in pregnancy?

OP posts:
scotlass · 23/07/2009 10:37

Juliet theres a lot of debate within the medical profession about the baby aspirin after mc, whether its worthwhile or not. Some pro it, some feel its only beneficial if there are proven clotting issues which are normally not tested for until 3 mcs in a row. I have to say I took it after 3 mcs and was 4th time lucky (beautiful 14wk DS ). My consultant wasn't convinced, the MW in the EPU and I felt it was worth a try even though my bloods were normal. Who knows if it made a difference. She should speak to her GP or EPU though and not take it without medical knowledge.

NancyPreg · 23/07/2009 10:39

I saw a gynae. for the first time this week after having 3 mc in the last 10mths and she suggested taking BA after ovulation....although I've also read that ladies are advised to take it from the point of a BFP. The gynae. said that there's no evidence that BA does any harm but that there is some evidence that it has worked in ladies who have had recurrent miscarriages (defined as 3 or more mc). HTH

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