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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

please tell me what you think..?

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fairy73 · 11/06/2009 15:48

Hi, Love to all of you who have suffered msc.
I had my 2nd msc on Sunday, I was 8weeks 2 days by my dates.
i have 2DS's 1 age 12 and 1 age 2.
I had a msc last oct at 5 weeks
i went for an early scan on the 28th may ( i shld have been 7wks) and was told that I only looked 5 wks.
Everything was there that should have been, the yolk sac, amniotic sac and Embryo, but no heartbeat. She said was i sure of my dates, and i am very regular, i have a 26 day cycle so knew that i couldnt be wrong, she booked me again for Tuesday 9th.
In between this time i got real pregnancy symptoms, felt very sick, sore boobs, headaches, i bascially managed to convince myself that things were ok.
On Sunday I started bleeding and this has resulted in an awful miscarriage which was far worst than the first one.
I assumed that this is because i was over 8 weeks and therefore was worse than losing one at 5wks ( loss of blood, pain etc)
But i dont know if I'm kidding myself here, has anyone else had the same thing where the baby could have died at 5 weeks but their pregnancy symptoms get stronger by the day?

i just dont know whether my baby survived up until the day before i bled because i felt really pregnant up until this day and also because of the difference between my 2 msc's, or that the baby dies at 5 weeks and i lost a lot more because your womb builds up a lining the further along you are.
maybe i'll never know but just wanted anyones views on this. i always read on here but rarely post and you all seem so nice so i'm hoping that someone can help me out of this crap place I'm in right now.
thanx x

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chubbasmum · 11/06/2009 22:27

hi hun im sorry for your loss ive been there before its one of those things which will always remain a mystery and it takes a while to come to terms with, hope you have loads of family and friends supporting you because you will need it. speak to your GP as well there are

fairy73 · 12/06/2009 10:19

Thanks so much for taking the time to reply to me, think part of your messg is missing tho?
AS you've been there before you know how i'm feeling, sorry that you've been thru this aswell.
As yu say it will always be a mystery, doesnt make it very easy to deal with when you dont know why. Cant help thinking that there is a big problem tho and not just "one of those things". So worried that i wont conceive again, took me 5 months with the first MC and then took another 6 months with this MC and i am 36 and the clock is ticking..
My Dh and mum have been great as I have done nothing all week but sit on the sofa and read MN!
Will go and see doc on Monday and take it from there, just have to try and get on with things i suppose...
Thanks for talking to me tho xx

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temm09 · 12/06/2009 12:20

Hi Fairy

I'm sorry to hear about your MC, just want to reach out to you while you're at this awful low point. I had an MMC two weeks ago, I was 10 weeks, but the gynae said there were dark red clots which indicated the foetus could have died a couple of weeks earlier - but that was all the info I got. Like you, I was still feeling the physical symptoms of pregnancy - not that I had been feeling all that many but it was really the sore boobs, constant hunger (if I wasn't eating I was thinking about eating!) and I believed I was beginning to show (although it seemed EVERYTHING was thickening so perhaps I was getting fat from all the eating). Actually, my boobs were less sore than they had been, but friends had said that they got better as you neared 12 weeks so didn't think too much of it. However my DP read that one thing a lot of women who MC notice is that their boobs were not as tender.

From what I have read, I think it can take a while for the pregnancy symptoms to settle down because the hormone stays in your body for a while. Funny though, just two weeks on and I feel like none of it ever happened - my body has shrunk back to normal and my emotions have settled down. I do have moments of sadness and like you say, that fear I will never get pregnant.

Also from what I've read here on MN, I think the amount of bleeding is definitely related to how far along you were. I was astounded at how much came out of me. Something that a friend told me is that EVERY pregnancy is different - so for you, your pregnancy last year and this one, even though they both ended so early and at different times, would have been different anyway, so I guess that could also influence things.

I hope your GP is helpful when you go see him/her on Monday, and hope you get some reassurance or helpful info about possibilities, tests, etc. I think it's useful to arm yourself with as much info as you can so you can ask lots of questions - if you don't ask, you don't seem to get!

Take care of yourself xx

fairy73 · 12/06/2009 13:28

Hi Temm, So sorry to hear that you have been thru an awful time too.
I had the same symptoms as you, I was also constantly hungry!
I thought this was a good sign as I felt this was when I was pg with DS2.
Also, like you, boobs were still sore but not as bad but I also thought because I was getting further allong that this was a good sign. However the day that I started bleeding, I didnt feel sick anymore, didnt have mettalic taste in mouth and my boobs just didnt look or feel pg anymore.
I feel a little better today and i know that as each day passes it will get better. I've actually washed my hair and done some cleaning!
I still think of myself as very lucky as i have 2 beatuful children, just never thought that it would happen to me i suppose TBH.
I don't mean that in an arrogant way, I just thought I've carried 2 healthy babies it should all be ok, little did i know...!

Its awful what you have to see what comes away (IYKWIM). Did you have to have a D&C with yours?

Thanks so much for replying, it really does help to speak to people who know exactly how you feel. You don't say of you have any other children or not but whichever way i hope we both get sprinkled with lots of happy healthy baby dust very soon!
You take care too hun x

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