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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Think I've had another m/c. Won't know for sure till next week as DR is a complete pr*ck!

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1LittlePrincess · 09/06/2009 18:01

HI there

Hope you don't mind me posting here to have a rant but not really sure where to put it.

I have had 2 early m/c's previously, 1 at 7+3 and another at almost 6 weeks.

Was delighted to get my BFP on 29th. Unfotunatly a few days after (Mon 1st) Started bleeding in the evening. The blood loss was deep red and lasted about 2 hours, which then turned to brown discharge. And was over by the morning. No clotsand very little pain. Which was unlike my mc's.

When I spoke to the Dr at first he told me to wait a week and do HPT.

So waited until yesterday. Did a test and was faint positive. I only ever get faint positives. Have 1 DD and hpt's were always faint with her.

I called yesterday to get appointment with te Dr. Went there today, as I have also been experiencing pain in my stomach and lower back like AF pains, but no blood loss. Went expecting him to refer to EPAU or at least do bloods but aparently not.

He said the pain was where things were settling down. When I said about HPT result he said well it would be would'nt it as hormones do just vanish.

I asked if there were a chance tht I may still be pregnant/ ectopic / not fully mc'd.

And he replied are you still bleeding? (in a for god sake tone) I said no like i said only lasted few hours.
He said that if I was bleeding then he would refer me but as im not then it means all products have been lost.

He said well alot of thing in medicine are a matter of waiting and seeing and this is one of them. Come back in a week.

I have looked into self referal to local EPAU but they said they wouldnt see me with out Dr doing HCG bloods first which he wont do until next week.

Im so confussed, upset and fed up.

Sorry for long post and rant, but I ust feel like a zombie walking round not knowing what to do with myself

Thanks for listening x

OP posts:
sunburntats · 09/06/2009 18:05

That is UTTER UTTER shite.
You poor thing.

How do you feel about going back tomorrow and demanding/insisting on bieng reffered to EFAU?

With your history, you have every right, fuck that even if it were your 1st, you have the right to be treated better than that.

sunburntats · 09/06/2009 18:06

Did he say if he keeps his crystal ball up his arse?
cos he must have one somewhere to be telling you that it has all gone.

scoutandjem · 09/06/2009 18:13

Hi, firstly to say how sorry I am about your mc's. I have had two myself both at eight or so weeks. My Dr. was worse than hopeless.

The EPAC people were brilliant. Maybe if you explain to them again or maybe speak to your midwife (current or previous - they always seem to be fantastic) how distressed you are they, EPAC, will see you.

Seems like your bleed wasn't huge so there may be a good chance that all is well. With both my mc I bled for hours heavily and then for at least another two weeks.

My BF bled throughout her pregnancy and gave birth to a beautiful girl called Rosie.

All my fingers and toes are crossed.

Good luck S x

1LittlePrincess · 09/06/2009 18:22

PMSL sunburntats. I just spat my tea all over the computer at that comment. Thanks first laugh Ive had for a few days.

I dont know if I could face him again tomorrow. I was so angry that I left there in tears.

He makes me feel like I am always wasting his time, and in actual fact he answered his mobil when I was there and said sorry this is important. Had completly blocked that out of my mine due to everything else.

Basically he said that if there were remaining products I would still be bleeding...not sure how true that is!

I feel like total crap today: sick, dizzy, achey back and pains in stomach particually in left side, considering just going down the visit to A&E route, but dont know if thats over reacting. With my previous m/c I knew they were lost and could grieve, and deal with it. With both bleed for 3+ days and they were clotty and heavy this one was just different.

OP posts:
1LittlePrincess · 09/06/2009 18:38

Thanks scoutandjem for your message.

Its very nice to hear about your friend.

I am also sorry to hear of your mc's.
Good advice re: contacting past midwife.

Im keeping my fingers crossed that there is still hope, but Dr is less than convinced that all is fine


OP posts:
LizCK1 · 09/06/2009 21:04

Could your partner go back with you and demand it's sorted now? Sometimes they're more inclined to act if you've got a bit of backup. Failing that is there another doctor you could see even if you have to tell them you don't want to see that particulat one. Thought my doctor was an arse but your's sounds so much worse. Good luck hope everything works out ok

littlemiss26 · 10/06/2009 10:00

Unfortunately just because your not bleeding it doesn't mean everything is ok - it might be, but it certainly isn't a guarantee - you need that referal to EPAU. I think going via your midwife would be a good move. where i live you can self-refer which makes it alot easier. take care x

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