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When to expect period after mc?

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cupofteaplease · 23/05/2009 11:38

My mc started 5 weeks ago on Monday- based on other people's experiences, I wonder when should I be expecting my period? Thanks

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anniecam38 · 23/05/2009 12:06

I had a mmc at 12 weeks in January, from the day i passed the sac (or rather the day it was extracted at A&E using forceps with no pain relief, but thats another story) until the day my next period turned up it was 33 days exactly, my cycle length is usually a 28 day cycle.


cupofteaplease · 23/05/2009 12:14

Thanks annie- owch, that sounds horrendous. Sorry for your loss

OP posts:
anniecam38 · 23/05/2009 12:21

Thanks cupoftea-im sorry for your loss too. Life is truly shite sometimes. We are both on the 'emmsys onwards and upwards' thread, so we will 'meet' again. Hugs to you.

VJaybigpants · 25/05/2009 19:05

hi cupotteaplease another fellow emsys here, my af arrived 6 weeks after 1st mc (which was after erpc) then 5 weeks after 2nd mc (which was natural). Hope it arrives soon cos for me its was a sign that I could move on

iggypiggy · 27/05/2009 15:01

35 days for mine to turn up cupoftea - hope yours comes soon x

amyboo · 31/05/2009 07:50

I normally have a 28 day cycle and mine came back 29 days after my ERPC for a mmc at 12 weeks.

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