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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

23 miscarriages

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pinky78 · 21/05/2009 10:04

hi all just wondered if any1 had as many miscarriages as me im on 24th pregnancy but started brown discharge this morning which usually isnt a good sign 4 me im only 4 weeks and started a drug trial 2 days ago but wont know if any good 4 2 weeks i will know more 2mrw wen bk at hospital.just hoping some1 can say theyve had a lot and still gone on 2 have healthy pregnancy thanks xxxxx

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Daynee · 21/05/2009 13:40

What?! I don't even know what to say, other than I didn't know that was possible. I've had 3 mc's and I think I would stop after like 8 but I thihk most women eventually have a baby...
How old are you? Any children? I assume you've had treatment for some time now?

pinky78 · 21/05/2009 14:35

hi thanks 4 replying no no kids im 30 had all the tests been 2 3 diff hospitals and still dont get a proper answere at 1st i was diagnosed with antiphosphod syndrome the then used fragmin injections steriod injections and prednisolone only got 2 12 weeks once usually mc about 7-8 weeks so still no closer as 4 giving up always said i would when reached 30 but now 30s here hard 2 stop lol just dont want it 2 b 10yrs wasted if u get my meaning and 2 b honest i found 3 harder than 23 as its the norm now lol(if it could ever be) sorry 2 hear about ur mcs have u got any children?

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Ewe · 21/05/2009 14:40

Jesus, you poor thing, I can't even begin to imagine.

What hospitals/fertility specialists have you seen?

rubyslippers · 21/05/2009 14:42

are you being treated long term for the clotting disorder?

ie any long term meds and/or aspirin?

without sounding rude or ignorant are you sure you have been PG each time? Have you had a +ve pregnancy test with each?

i have a tendency to clot but i do not have a recognised syndrome - i am on heparin and aspirin and am 21 weeks PG

rubyslippers · 21/05/2009 14:46

This organisaiotn may be worth contacting:

Hughes Syndrome Assoction

Their helpline is 020 7188 8217

pinky78 · 21/05/2009 16:41

they say ive no longer got hughes disease not high enough 2 course the miscarriages ive been st marys in london now im in liverpool womans doing the nk cell trial or going 2 start it should i say got my prednisiolone ive just got 2 c wot happens now thanks for all your comments been at this for 10yrs been down every avenue this is my last time i will be giving up if this trial doesnt work

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kissmummy · 21/05/2009 20:19

pinky, i'm stunned, lost for words.i think you've showed amazing courage keeping going and keeping trying. i hope you get a baby - i have heard wonderful stories from people who refused to give up so maybe one day you'll be lucky

GracieGirl · 22/05/2009 10:14

Pinky I'm also lost for words. Can I recommend you join a thread I'm on. Its a group of women who met on a miscarriage thread and are trying to move onwards and upwards. Its a happy thread, but lots of the people on it have have at least 4 miscarriages. There's a lot of knowledge on there about various weird and wonderful treatments people are having on NHS and privately. I know a girl on there called 4everhopeful has just had a blood transfusion of her DH's blood to prevent miscarriage, certainly something I've never heard of before.

Heres the link

ClaireDeLoon · 22/05/2009 10:20

pinky I'm lost for words too - you're very courageous to continue and I really hope it works out for you. I hope you can get support here on the thread mentioned.

OracleInaCoracle · 22/05/2009 10:35

Pinky, im gobsmacked. I have had several early mc's too (about 9 altogether) and an ep, but I cant imagine what you must be going through. have you tried progesterone treatment?

pinky78 · 22/05/2009 17:28

thankyou all and thankyou graciegirl for the link i will have a look at that later you r all so kind havent written myself off yet lol been lwh 2 day everything seems fine only 4 weeks though taking prednisolone c how it goes will keep you informed thanks again all of you so nice to have such support xxxxx

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sue10 · 28/05/2009 07:53

Hello again,
i wondered if you had considered going to a clinic where they test indepth for immune issues, LWH and St Mary's do not go indepth in to the chicago tests (level 2) which looks at issues such as th1/th2 etc and use harder drugs to try to overcome the nk cells such as ivig, intralipids, humira alongside the prednisolone?

CARE at Nottingham, Dr George Ndukwe
the ARGC in London specialise in these tests.

Hope all goes well for you though, keeping my fingers crossed for you (and toes)!!!

pinky78 · 28/05/2009 09:03

thankyou sue will look into thatxx

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