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erpc... am i EVER going to stop bleeding???

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nolongerchunkybutstillapudding · 17/05/2009 20:32

it was 3 weeks ago on fri. thought bleeding had finally stopped as had none for 24 hrs or so...

this evening while giving ds tea i had some weird pain and now it's stated again.

not heavy but still red blood and have passed some clots/tissue/i dunno something reasonably yuck (tmi i know) so maybe this is a last bit that hung on and it's nearly over?

it's seriously doing my head in now. things have been really hard in general (had uti after, problems at work, 2 best mates just had 20 week scans, dp under huge work pressure, ds been ill, i came down with same thing, am still reeling from losing the pg....)aaargh its been shit.

and i'm still bleeding! feel like i'll never be able to ttc or even just have sex again!

sorry had to vent. will phone docs tomorrow if still bleeding unless its only a teeny bit by then.

btw was 12 weeks, mmc picked up at 12 week scan. had no idea as no pain or bleeding and full pg symptoms inc a proper bump.

OP posts:
hobbgoblin · 17/05/2009 20:41

First of all I'm sorry you are having to go through this. I've had 2 Missed Miscarriages and therefore sympathise hugely.

I wanted to post because with one of mine had retained products and my symptoms were similar in some respects (except for me it later got very grotty, but please ignore that or you'll worry yourself! ). I stopped bleeding fairly quickly initially but about 2 weeks later I got the bleeding back again, nothing horrendous but it was there. I went to the GP as I just didn't feel right and I had a fever (I hadn't really noticed this as such!) so was sent for a scan within a few hours. The scan showed considerable volume of retained products. By the time I was in hospital for the second ERPC I was very ill so was lucky to have made this discovery when I did.

Very soon after sussing the bleeding wasn't right I noticed a funny smell and then became quite feverish. Look out for this.

Do get checked tomorrow as you can become quite poorly if there is stuff still in there and you don't want to develop septicaemia as I did.

Take care of yourself.

nolongerchunkybutstillapudding · 17/05/2009 20:43

thanks hobgoblin... had a fever recently but that was down to uti. def no smell have been looking (smelling??) out for that as a sign of infection.

so sorry to hear what you went thru, sounds truly horrible. as if a mmc is not enough eh?

thanks again for posting xx

OP posts:
stinkypants · 17/05/2009 20:44

oh bless you. sounds horrible. i bled for ages too after - i think about 5 or 6 weeks so i wouldn't worry. annoying of course but will seem less when this episode is over and you look back.
as will the time taken to conceive.
good luck xx

EldonAve · 18/05/2009 08:18

sorry to hear of your loss

I bled for about 5-6 weeks following my 2nd erpc but no pain after the 1st week

If you get any pain again I would see the GP

amyboo · 18/05/2009 08:40

I think I've finally stopped bleeding - about 2.5 weeks after mine... Hope it stops for you soon. It's horrible isn't it? Like a constant reminder of what's happened...

nolongerchunkybutstillapudding · 20/05/2009 18:13

Finally bit the bullet after nearly 4 weeks of bleeding and called epu.they got me straight in for scan,and yup,I have 'retained products' gutted.

Now have to have another erpc on think I thought I had a chance of being pg again really soon after erpc!am on second lot of antibiotics this month,first lot was for uti after erpc.poor old body taken a right battering.

Am utterly fed up

OP posts:
EldonAve · 20/05/2009 19:58

So sorry to hear that you need another erpc
Did they give you routine ABs after the first one?

Hope you feel better soon, it's truly rubbish

nolongerchunkybutstillapudding · 20/05/2009 20:47

No just some abs when I was under ga I think.had to take a weeks abs as had a uti a week after the op (how may acronyms can I use in one post?)

Thanks for the good sure at some point I will feel better,this is just dragging on to the point of torture now!and a lot if other stuff has not being going right lately so it's all a bit v v and tired

OP posts:
nolongerchunkybutstillapudding · 21/05/2009 21:20

Hospital tomorrow

Am going on my own as am worried about dps workload and erpc can be such a long wait.

Just wish I didn't have to go thru all this shit again

OP posts:
EldonAve · 21/05/2009 22:55

Good luck
Hope it all goes well

Is someone picking you up afterwards?

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