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Never-ending miscarriage - advice/reassurance desperately needed

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Jacanne · 17/05/2009 10:35

The on-going saga of my miscarriage - even I am bored with it now!

Today I have been bleeding for 5 weeks - 2 weeks ago I went to the hospital and was told that it wasn't blood but a red discharge (it had turned a pinky colour) I was give strong ABs and a swab was taken. About 5 days later it changed and was definitely blood again and quite heavy (enough to turn the toilet water red when I went to the loo).

I went to see the nurse at my surgery who was lovely and talked through everything with me - it turned out from the swab that I had thrush (though nobody bothered to let me know) and she thought that it might be responsible for the red discharge - the new bleeding we thought might be my period (as I was quite irritable and had some dragging pains). We made a plan that if it hadn't stopped in a week I'd go back and get a referral for another scan (my previous one had shown a complete miscarriage).

I am on what would be day 6 of my period (if it was that) and the bleeding is still heavy though thinner (so I am wondering whether I am back to discharge again). I have treated the the thrush.

It was just annoying really and depressing in that I can't move on from this. Now I am beginning to feel frightened...why won't this stop?

Any help at all would be welcome - thanks


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Jacanne · 17/05/2009 11:55


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hoops997 · 17/05/2009 13:01

hi Jacanne, I'm really sorry to hear what you are going through and although I can't really give you any proper help, just didn't want you to think no-one was listening..........

Do you have a out of hours GP surgery you can call, just so they can put your mind at rest? Maybe you can give the NHS helpline a call?

I had my ERPC on thursday and am still bleeding quite heavily, I'm really concerned about infection and all that stuff.

Well I'm thinking of you and hope everything is sorted for you soon xx

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