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Heavy period after miscarriage

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clemette · 07/05/2009 13:06

Hello. I was wondering if anyone had experienced a VERY heavy period following a D and C. I miscarried at 9 weeks and had a D and C on the 9th April. I had wuite heavy bleeding for a week following the procedure. My period started this week and has been VERY heavy. I have been having to change super tampons/maternity pads every hour for three days.
Is this within the normal range or do you think I need to get it checked out?
Thanks, Sam

OP posts:
ilove2shop · 07/05/2009 15:21

Hello, really sorry to hear your news, hope you are ok. I mc in june last year at 7 1/2 weeks... my next period was heavy but not has heavy as you are.. if you are in discomfort and you dont feel right i see no harm in getting checked out just in case, im sure you will be fine, it will put your mind at rest if anything xx

anniecam38 · 08/05/2009 08:54

Sorry for your loss. I had mc in January at 12 weeks (LO was measuring 9 weeks, picked up on 12 week scan).
First period after mc was horrendous, so bad that during worst 2 days i had to take to my bed with strong painkillers and a hot water bottle. I bled for 7 days also.

I didnt get the next months period as got BFP instead, am now 10 weeks pregnant.

Reading posts on here some women get really light period post mc, others like you and me get heavy ones, what you ae describing sounds normal. I would only seek advice from GP if you feel feverish and/ot notice any nasty smells as that may indicate infection from retained tissue.

clemette · 08/05/2009 13:19

Thank you both for your replies.

OP posts:
3angelbabies · 23/06/2009 18:26

hi i miscarried october 08, april 09 and have got pregnant straight after m/c without a period but miscarried again in may.all 3 natural no need for d&c. my 1st two m/c's my cycle retuned to normal exactly 28 days later and was a normal flow, only this time it took 37 days to come and i would say this is the worst, heaviest period i have ever had apart from my 1st m/c.
i think every woman is different and we all vary, keep an eye on bleeding, if it has an bad odour then i would say you should go and get checked out to be on safe side, my midwife once said that as long as you can smell fresh blood then i should be fine (not nice i know)
sorry about your loss (even though a thousand people could say this to you but you still feel robbed,angry,jealous,resentfull and incomplete) but i do understand what you are going through,
good luck for next time, me and DH are TTC again this month so fingers crossed our time will come (as so many people are so quick to say!!) take care and all the best x x

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