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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Why is this happening?

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amyboo · 28/04/2009 08:55

I went for a scan yesterday at about 13.5 weeks. Had my first scan at 10 weeks which showed a happy, healthy baby. I even saw he/she moving around and waving arms and legs. Yesterday the gynae said she couldn't find a heartbeat and the baby was too small. She said it looked like it had died 1 week ago. I have to go for an ERPC on Thursday.

This was my first pregnancy and I'm distraught. I don't understand how everything can be so right one minute and then the baby die the next minute. I'm healthy and fairly young (29), so I just don't understand why it's happened to me. I just don't know how to begin to get over this. I spent most of last night wondering if she'd made a mistake.

Please tell me this gets better.

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Flamestorm · 28/04/2009 10:29

I have no words of advice at all, but I couldn't leave you unanswered


lal123 · 28/04/2009 10:39

I have no idea why this could have happened - but am so so sorry to hear your v sad news. I've had 2 previous miscarriages and am currenlty 14 weeks with can due today. Your story is my worst nightmare.

Things will get better - you need to take time for yourself and be good to yourself. Take carexxxxxxx

cupcakefairy · 28/04/2009 10:47

I know exactly how you feel. For the first 2 weeks after my mmc I kept asking my dh and my mum 'why why WHY???' and I still ask a little bit now... like you I am young and healthy and just couldn't (still can't really!) understand why friends who are much older/overweight/heavy drinkers etc could easily have children.... basically this is just one of those crap things that happens in life.

I promise it does get easier. You will probably always remember your little bean with sadness but it will get easier. Plus your hormones are all over the place right now so you have to just let yourself feel what your body is telling you and take as much time as you need. I just basically cried and slept for 2 weeks...

Glad you have joined us over on Emmsy's thread anyway; that has really helped me know I am not alone. Big big hugs to you xxx

Bubblebell1 · 28/04/2009 11:06

Amy I just wanted to send loads of hugs your way. We were on the twenties ttc conception threadf together and i wanted to offer my support. xxxxxxxxxxxx

iggypiggy · 28/04/2009 11:12

amyboo it does get better - but it really is totally and utterly shite for a bit.

My MC was on Easter Sunday (nice).

Am still sad - but am better than I was. I also endlessly worry about things i might have done to cause it. I can pinpoint the exact moment my nausea vanished - and I know what i was doing (riding my horse) - so have tortured myself with that as a possible cause... but TBH am sure it wasn't as lots of people who ride horses go on to have babies. I think is natural to think about these things tho.

Have lots of chocolate/ large glass of wine etc. and hugs from me xx

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