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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

specialist says there IS evidence that it's a bad idea to try again too soon

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kissmummy · 25/04/2009 21:01

yesterday we had our first appointment with a miscarriage specialist following my third miscarriage in the space of nine months.
I have read Lesley Regan's books, and threads on this website among others, about whether it's okay to try again quickly after a miscarriage, and the general consensus seems to be that it's fine to get on with it if you feel ready, BUT this NHS specialist, who worked with Regan for five years, said that in fact there IS evidence to suggest that hurrying into another pregnancy may lead to another miscarriage. I am disappointed as we felt ready to try again - it seems an age since my pregnancy in January, which failed in February and then took ages to get my periods back properly etc - and i was really looking forward to having another go, but i know I would be a fool to go against his advice, even if it's still an area that experts don't agree on. I wanted to share what he said with others in case it's of interest, though i'm not trying to suggest people go against their instincts or what their own doctors have said.
as for us i think we'll wait another couple of months, until the summer anyway. i would be devastated by a fourth miscarriage and want to give myself the best possible chance. i know if i have another miscarriage i will blame myself if i don't stick to his advice, even if what he said isn't actually true.

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SebandElliottsmum · 25/04/2009 21:21

sorry for your mcs.
i had a m/c on 27th july last year and the hospital said to wait but dr said there is no reason why you shouldnt start trying as soon as your ready.
When i didnt get my period after m/c i was sent for a scan and they found a 6 week old baby (who is due on may 9th).
According to my scan date i was pregnant by 2nd August (though i know it would have been the weekend after).
I panicked because everything was pointing at being negative about being pregnant so soon after miscarriage.
To be honest its only the past couple of weeks ive been able to relax with the fear of losing this one.
good luck in what you decide.

doulalc · 25/04/2009 21:26

I am so sorry to hear that you have experienced three losses. I've often heard it is better to wait so that the uterus can heal and be better able to support a new pregnancy.
Has any determination been made as to why you have had the miscarriages? I hope things go well for you when you are ready to try again.

HedKandi · 25/04/2009 21:27


sorry to hear of your mcs,

i had 3 and had investigations too,

did they indicate exactly what them meant by it?

one thing that was mentioed to me was that actually after 3 it may be better (physically/emotionally) to wait 3 months,

pg and mc takes alot out of your body/mind,

i am glad to say i am now blessed with dd and i count my lucky stars (we had to have help but it was worth it)

we tried eating organic/not drinking/juicing daily/walking lots/relaxing more and it all helped,

i wish you all the best with whatever you decided and hope you get all your wishes filled very soon x

hester · 25/04/2009 21:42

So sorry about your losses, kiss.

That is very interesting about waiting after a mc - it certainly wasn't my understanding and I shall now zip it before reassuring anybody else that they should just go ahead as soon as they feel ready.

I really hope that things work out for you. Best of luck.

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