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Fetal Doppler to calm my nerves?

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Daynee · 24/04/2009 13:48

I'm a nervous wreck because I just got a BFP . I wish I could be excited but I'm just feel torn between hope and sadness and total fear . I've had 3 mc's in a row, I'm 31, and taking all my meds and vitamins. I keep busy at work and school and try my best to have as much downtime as possible to be a vegetable on the couch...that helps, and so does cooking...but it's still constantly on my mind. Has anyone tried a fetal doppler, and if so, what are your experiences and would you suggest it as a good way to help get through the 1st trimester?

OP posts:
ShowOfHands · 24/04/2009 13:50

You'd be unlikely to hear a heartbeat using it during the first trimester. Most midwives don't listen for a heartbeat until 16 weeks as it's hard to find before then.

Congratulation and I wish you luck for a happy and successful pregnancy.

belgo · 24/04/2009 13:51

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Regarding dopplers,apparently you are not supposed to use them before 10 weeks or so.

Even at 15 weeks, a student doctor could not find my baby's heartbeat, despite the fact the baby was kicking the doppler.

I imagine if you couldn't find the heartbeat, it may make you feel even more stressed out.

VJaybigpants · 24/04/2009 15:27

I got one for the similar reasons, after 2 mc's I was very anxious, but I didn't get it until 18 weeks, and it has helped with the anxiety.
Congratulations xxxxx

rubyslippers · 24/04/2009 15:30


i agree with Belgo TBH

if you have a history of MX, would you not be a canditate for some early scans?

lynniep · 24/04/2009 15:34

I have mixed feelings about them. It can be extremely difficult to find a heartbeat and if you don't succeed then it sends you into a right panic.
I always found one, even if it took me half an hour lol! And I used it all the time, so I do recommend with caution

YouKnowNothingoftheCrunch · 24/04/2009 15:38

Hi Daynee, I agree with everyone else about it being too early - I got one at about 16 weeks and found it very reassuring, but even then I didn't always find a HB.

If you'd like to chat to other women who are pregnant after miscarriage then there's a support thread here. It's very welcoming and friendly and a great place to share all your worries with women who know exactly how you feel. You would be very welcome.

Daynee · 24/04/2009 17:45

Thanks all. I was hoping I could get a doppler that was more effective than what you've all described!
ruby - I will be getting early scans most likely - it's just those 2 weeks in between that is going to drive me crazy.
lynni - did you use yours early on in your pregnancy?

I wish I could give myself an ultrasound everyday! LOL - Actually, that might get a bit annoying...

OP posts:
lynniep · 25/04/2009 08:57

I actually can't remember precisely - but it was earlier than 16 weeks definately because I couldnt wait that long. I just got one of the ones off ebay - I think it was an angel sounds or similar.

suwoo · 25/04/2009 09:03

I hired one from Ebay and heard the hb just before 11 weeks, but like someone said earlier, it took me a good 30 mins to find it.

I really wouldn't recommend one in your situation as it could make you panic more.

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