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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss


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mamof3 · 21/04/2009 19:07

hello, please dont give up hope of trying,
i had a little boy 6 year ago who sufferd a stroke wen i was pregnant with him, then in 2005 i suffered 2 miscarriages and an ectopic,and a miscarriage in 2006 then went on 2 have a little girl in 2007 and a little girl in 2008.
please dont give up, it will happen 4 u
good luck
emma xx

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Neeko · 21/04/2009 21:18

How nice of you to post that here and what a strong woman you must be to have coped with all that. Enjoy your DDs.

mamof3 · 21/04/2009 21:33

thanx neeko,on reading my original post iv made it sound that my son doesnt exsist !!
he did suffer a stroke inside of me and he is now a boisterous 6 year old , he has cerebral palsy but copes well

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Neeko · 22/04/2009 13:08

Sorry. I definitely read it wrong Three lovely kids: bet you're busy! Again thanks for the message of hope.

mamof3 · 22/04/2009 14:22

lol its cool so do u have kids ? (ignore if im being nosy lol x)

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Neeko · 22/04/2009 21:56

Yes i have one DD of 2 and a half and lost one at 12 weeks 6 weeks ago. I am currently waiting on my period whilst secretly hoping I have already fallen pg again having had +ive OPK 12 days ago. Will test Saturday. Sorry, you asked one question and I gave you my life story!

mamof3 · 23/04/2009 09:42

lol its okay
sorry about the miscarriage ..
when i was tryimg with dd1 i bought ovulation test and on the 2nd month of using it i fell pregnant so i would defo recommend them 2 any1 whos trying.
hope it all goes well and u get ur positive result on saturday good luck
emma x

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Neeko · 23/04/2009 21:41

Thanks. Will let you know.

Neeko · 25/04/2009 07:58

Negative but sure there will be other chances.

mamof3 · 25/04/2009 08:56

sorry about that
u should try 1 of those ovulation kits,would love 2 know how u get on in future
emma x

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Neeko · 25/04/2009 09:00

Thanks. Will look for this thread if I have anything to report in the future. Will definitely be using ovulation kit if my period ever arrives 41 days today since ERPC and I'm getting very impatient. Thanks again for your support.

mamof3 · 25/04/2009 13:29

ur more than welcome, if u cant find this post then just look 4 me mamof3 xxxx

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