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Progesterone pessary stories? (Cyclogest)

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Ilovebeingamummy · 14/04/2009 21:34

Anyone been prescribed these too?

I begged for them off my GP with the hope that I won't miscarry for the 3rd time this month if I am pregnant ( I have had 2 mcs which I believe were due to Luteal phase defect)

Been on 200mg twice a day since day after ov (CD25 of 34 day cycle) and praying now for a bfp and sticky bean)

Would love to hear if you are using these too and especially any success stories!

OP posts:
sue10 · 15/04/2009 07:22

Hi there,
just wanted to say goodluck, keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you!!! I have been on them before, no side effects.
Best wishes

Ilovebeingamummy · 15/04/2009 22:15

Oh thankyou Sue10 for your message x Did you have them for same reason and did they work?

OP posts:
sue10 · 17/04/2009 08:11

Hi there,
yeh had them for recurrent mc but sadly they did not work for me but fingers cross they will for you.
Best wishesXXX.

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