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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

How long to recover physically?

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cupofteaplease · 14/04/2009 12:51

I have just had a scan this morning which confirmed I have had my second mc. This time, the baby died up to 2 wees ago ao I still feel pregnant- very cruel.

I have to go to the hospital tomorrow to discuss the options. No idea what this may entail, but I'm assuming wait or have some sort of suction

Anyway, I am a trainee teacher, on holiday until Friday. I'm due back at uni and placment on Monday- will I be ready? Emotionally, no I will not be ready, I know this from having a mc before. But physically, will I be ready by Monday? How long do these procedures take? I have an assignemt due in on Tuesday and my head feels like cotton wool.

Wish I could bury my head and make my bloody course go away and then concentrate on the baby I have lost. It all feels like too much today

OP posts:
QuantitativeMeasure · 14/04/2009 16:31

Im really, really sorryto hear your news.

Regarding your course- ask for an extension for your assigment.

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