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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

miscarriage at 4 weeks advice please.

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iateallthecreameggsyummy · 03/04/2009 11:09

Hi all,

Wonder if someone can give me a little bit of advice please or just reassure me.

I mc at 4 weeks (so i've been told) was bleeding and it became red over a few days then back to brown. I passed 3 clots over the weekend just gone. At that time i only had a few symptoms of being pg feeling sick, increased appetite etc. 3/4 tests were positive. This has only been confirmed by phone as no one would see me only being 4 week maximum.

Problem is im now exactly a week since the bleeding started and its virtually finished now but my boobs have become bigger and feel quite sore over the past 2 days. My DH said last night they have felt 'fuller and bigger'? I'm 100% sure im not pregnant anymore as i dont feel different its just the boobs...
Im assuming this is normal and DH is assuming its to do with hormones etc but i was only 4 weeks pregnant at the most? They feel constantly sore and sensitive is this normal??
Thanks for any advice you can give me. smile

OP posts:
gizzy1973 · 03/04/2009 11:25

not sure if this helps or not but i miscarried this week at just over 5 weeks and my boobs were sore until then but now they have gone back to normal

have you had a scan done or any blood tests done? if not might be worth getting checked out

whistlejacket · 03/04/2009 12:08

Have you done another pg test? Sometimes bleeding can occur early in pregnancy but the pregnany continues okay I know a number of people this has happened to. Strange they would confirm it as a mc without seeing you. Agree with gizzy, sounds like you need to be checked out. I've had two mcs but they were only confirmed after scans. Strange you would still have sore boobs, in my experience all symptoms went at the time of the mc.

orangehead · 03/04/2009 12:12

I think you need to get checked out, maybe do a test first. Some people have periods for the first few months when pregnant. With both my sons I bleed heavily for a week at 6 weeks. I obviously dont want to get your hopes up but think you need to get checked out. Hope you ok

neolara · 03/04/2009 12:27

If you were still pregnant, it would still be too early to see much on a scan at this stage. If you had a scan and saw nothing, you would still be in a state of uncertaintly. Many hospitals will be very reluctant to scan you at 5 weeks unless you have pain that suggests an ectopic pregnancy.

Take a test and see if that still comes up positive. If you mc at 4 weeks a test would be unlikely to still be positive a week later unless you were still pregnant. If you a still testing positive, a scan at 6 weeks would be more likely to show something definite and if you were looking for more definite reassurance that a pregnancy will be successful, a scan at 8 weeks will be much more conclusive.

LittleRascal · 03/04/2009 18:45

best thing to do is get a blood test to check hcg levels. Then repeat either in2 days if you insist on it or the next week which is better. These levels will increase if you are still pregnant. Holding thumbs for you

iateallthecreameggsyummy · 04/04/2009 08:36

thanks ladies,

The EPU would not see me as said i was far to early to be able to tell through scans etc.? They all said because the bleeding was red and i'd passed clots then it would be miscarriage. But my boobs did not feel like this when i was pregnant certainly not this sore and heavy, I asked the GP to do a blood test and he said yes they do do them but would not normally at such an early stage.
So i suppose i should do another test incase then? The only problem is I have one left and if it came up positive i would not know whether to believe it?

OP posts:
iateallthecreameggsyummy · 04/04/2009 13:10

Hi ladies, i did a test this morning clearblue digital and it came up pregnant within a minute and then a min or so later 2-3......
Phoned my local maternity unit who said they cant confirm either way and im to make an appointment with my gp next week, so still waiting and grabbing onto the hope that neolara gave me and thinking if digi test said not pregnant when the others said pregnant, i must be pregnant for the hormone levels to rise to now say pregnant!? Does this make any sense?

OP posts:
Neeko · 04/04/2009 15:16

I don't know an awful lot about this and really don't want to bring you down but I found out at 12wks that I'd lost my baby at 9wks and it took 2wks after that before I got a negative test. I really hope this isn't the case for you and think it's awful how unsupportive your GP and EPU sound. Have my fingers crossed for you.

orangehead · 04/04/2009 15:40

I second that the best bet is get bloods to see if your hcg is rising, esp as a scan wouldnt shed much light at this stage. It is true the it can take time for horomes to drop after a mc but that is more true the further along you go. So for example if you mc at 12 weeks it will take at least a few weeks to go down but as you were only 4 weeks this should happen alot quicker, although it still may take a few days. Was the digital test you did one of those clear blue ones that says how many weeks?

orangehead · 04/04/2009 15:45

Just reread your post and it was that one, it said 2-3, indicating 4-5 weeks preg. That doesnt help much at the mo. I would prob be tempted to do another mon or tue and see if the weeks have gone down. But then again I seem to like wasting money on preg tests for some stupid reason. When are you in at the docs? Hope you get answers soon

neolara · 04/04/2009 17:53

Orangehead is absolutely right. The further on you are when your pregnancy ends, the longer it takes for the hormones to leave your system. I've had 4 mc and it has taken various amounts of time to come up as not pregnant on a test.
At 12 weeks it took around 35 days
At 7 weeks it took about a week.
At 8 weeks it took about a week.
At 4 1/2 weeks it took a couple of days.

Sounds hopefull though. Wishing you lots of luck.

orangehead · 07/04/2009 18:46

how is things cremeegg?

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