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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

When to try again?

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mynameis · 31/03/2009 11:00

EPU confirmed I had a miscarriage yesterday at 5 weeks. Doctor told me to wait to have another period before trying again

Why is this? I'm keen to try again as soon as possible and another month seems endless at this point

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ScorpiowithabigS · 31/03/2009 11:01

They like to say that for dating, but its up to you, they would tell the date from a scan if oyu got pg straight away anyway.

Sorry to hear of your loss.

mynameis · 31/03/2009 11:05

Thanks, thats a relief to hear that its for dating reasons. DP has been convinced that there is some medical reason behind it

OP posts:
ScorpiowithabigS · 31/03/2009 11:06

although i would hold of having sex until bleeding has stopped totally, incase of infection

Keep your chin up x

mynameis · 31/03/2009 11:12

Thanks again ScorpiowithabigS x

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wasabipeanut · 01/04/2009 12:47

So sorry to hear this mynameis. The wait one period advice is for dating reasons only - my midwife told me after my mc that there was no reason we couldn't try straight away.

Having said that we did actually wait a month to try and get our heads sorted out a bit - I wouldn;t have been able to deal with it if it had happenned too fast. All too raw.

Ultmately, its all down to you and what you and your dp/dh feel comfortable with x

mynameis · 01/04/2009 16:15

Feel a bit better today and I think like you said wasabipeanut maybe we do need some time to get our heads around what happened.

I going to try and lay off the constant 'calendar checking' and try and relax for the next month and see what happens.

Thanks again for all the sound advice

OP posts:
AnyFuckerStealsHerKidsEggs · 01/04/2009 16:19

I second the above

Good luck x

Wedgie · 02/04/2009 14:58

Hi mynameis

Sorry to hear your news. I have miscarried at 12 weeks and came out of hosiptal yesterday after a d and c. I asked the doctor the same question, as I had read you should hang on a while after the op. She said it's totally down to the individual and they only say hold on til after a period so you can accurately date.

I really hope things go well for you; I am in the same boat. Feel like a bag of sh*te right now, I think for me the pain will only stop when I am pregnant again. Fingers crossed for all of us in this truely awful situation.

Lots of love

mynameis · 02/04/2009 20:39

Wedgie I am so sad to hear your news, my heart goes out to you.

I feel exactly the same about being pregnant again to ease the pain but at the same time is a terrifying thought to put myself in that place again of fear and anxiety.

I hope we can share some good news soon

OP posts:
Wedgie · 14/04/2009 10:20

Hi mynameis

When I saw my GP he also said it's down to the individual, but the important thing is to have got over the grief before trying again. I know you feel like me and the only thing that will help is to get preg again!

We have to remember that the chances are that everything will be OK the next time round, though I know it will be terrifying like you say, but I am so willing to go there, God willing it will work out for us.

It's now 2 weeks since I had my d and c, but it feels like months. I want to have my period cos I hate not knowing what stage of the month I am at. Have to carry pads everywhere just in case!

How are things going now with you (daft question), but I hope things are as OK as they can be

monkeybumsmum · 14/04/2009 17:32

Hi mynameis,
Sorry to hear your sad news .
Think the other posters have addressed the dating reason for waiting, but I just wanted to add that I lost my first pregnancy a few days before the stage you were at. I was told by a wise friend to discount the next couple of months to let my body get back to normal, and as such we stopped thinking about ttc. My ds was conceived two weeks later.

Be kind to yourself, and just go with how you feel. Lots of luck for the future x

Wedgie I'm so sorry for you too. Life is very unfair sometimes isn't it...

mynameis · 16/04/2009 14:50

Hi Wedgie

Thanks for asking after me.

Its only been 3 weeks and seems like a lifetime of waiting for my period to return. Should be next week and I am now feeling anxious that it won't happen.

Was feeling much better about things but I think the stress of waiting for my cycle to return to normal is bringing things to a head again.

Hope you are feeling well xx

OP posts:
Habbibu · 16/04/2009 17:09

So sorry for your loss - I had to wait 3 months after losing dd1, as I had to take high dose folic acid for at least 3 months before conception. It felt like a lifetime at the start, but in hindsight taking the folic acid, eating well and exercising helped me to come to terms with what had happened, as well as making me feel I was preparing my body as well as I could. Do keep taking folic acid while you wait - it's really helpful if you have good folate in your system before you conceive.

I hope things get brighter for you soon.

RubyLove1 · 09/06/2009 12:58

Hi mynameis and everyone else

It will be three weeks at the weekend that I miscarried at 7wks and I really want to try again.

I stopped bleeding about a week after it happend and feel "back to normal". As everyone in the feed seems to be saying the waiting for a period thing is purely for dating reasons, I think me and dp are gonna go for it again.

Dont wanna concentrate on it too much though and have been taking my pregnacare vitamins for the past few days. Me and dp have just been trying to have fun and relax and talk as much as poss so that I dont become obsessed with ttc

Fingers crossed to everyone thats in the same boat...RL1 Xx

Wedgie · 09/06/2009 22:01

Hi RubyLove1

It's so hard not to think about it all the time! I feel like I am getting a little obsessed with the whole thing and I didn't wanna do that. Only you know if you feel ready and sounds like you are so fingers crossed for you. My GP said to me and hub, 'the ruder you are the better', to improve your chances of conceiving! Well we didn't know where to look when he said that (he's lovely bless him but he must be in his sixties!)....

Hope things work out for you. I am on the folic too and trying to give up alcohol and do everything you should. Take care x

RubyLove1 · 10/06/2009 10:30

Wedgie "the ruder you are the better" ABSOLUTELY!! (Lol, that made me smile this morning! - had a bit of a teary moment last night)

Well thats what worked for us the first time around so we're defo having fun with that again which I think dp is pleased about as I went off sex when I found out I was pg, bless him!

Anyways Im feeling a bit more hopeful today than I have been the last couple of days so thats a great thing. It is really hard not to get obsessed when all you want is to be pg, so Im just trying to distract myself and set my self little projects to deal with eg - our wedding next year and sorting out moving house.

But my fingers are still crossed for you (but not my legs, lol! )

Take Care hun...RL1 Xx

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