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No heartbeat at 8 weeks - is there any hope?

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BonyM · 27/03/2009 20:52

Went for early viability scan this morning. Not sure of date of lmp but thought I was 8 weeks. I have a retroverted uterus so had to have a transvaginal scan and I could see straight away that there was no heartbeat. The sonographer said that I was measuring 6 weeks and would have to have another scan next week to confirm it is a missed miscarriage (although she was certain) and then I would be able to discuss my options.

I have been googling like mad since I got home, and wondering if (a) I could be wrong with my dates and therefore only 6weeks - if so maybe too soon to see a heartbeat? and/or (b) because I have a tipped uterus it might be harder to see and the sonographer could have made a mistake.

I know I am clutching at straws but have had no cramping, pain or bleeding. I am devastated as although this baby wasn't planned (I thought I was too old to have any more at 42) dh and I had strongly come around to the idea of it.

I have the second scan booked for next Tuesday - should I maybe try to delay it a few more days just in case? There are so many stories of misdiagnosed miscarriages that I can't help have a teeny bit of hope.

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justaboutback · 27/03/2009 20:58

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Message withdrawn

BonyM · 27/03/2009 21:02

I know, I know, ridiculous to think that she could be wrong really, but emotions all over the place atm.

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CMOTdibbler · 27/03/2009 21:03

It's honestly impossible to say - when did you get a positive pg test ? Is 6 weeks at all possible ?

At 6 weeks, the heartbeat isn't always there, but there should be a good fetal pole.

I'm really sorry that you are going through this

justaboutback · 27/03/2009 21:06

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BonyM · 27/03/2009 21:08

I think positive test was 3 weeks ago but can't remember tbh. I used to chart my cycles regularly but haven't for a few months. The last few that I did were anything between 29 and 34 days long with ovulation anything up to day 17, so I suppose there is an outside possibility that I ovulated late and implantation was also late?

Tying myself in knots right now - sometimes think there's too much information available these days.

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justaboutback · 27/03/2009 21:11

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Message withdrawn

BonyM · 28/03/2009 15:03

I didn't really want to look any more after initially seeing there was no heartbeat. Dh said that he thought it looked as it should (although of course he is no expert) apart from the fact there was no heartbeat. Fetal pole was there - 7mm.

I checked the last couple of cycles that I charted towards the end of last year and one was 28 days with ovulation on day 17 and the other 30 days with ovulation day 20 so I could feasibly be less than 8 weeks.

I have so many unanswered questions - why did the sonographer not query my dates? (I already told her I wasn't sure. Why did she not suggest hcg blood tests? How could she be so categoric that it wasn't viable if my dates weren't certain?

My morning temperatures are still high so hormone levels obviously not dropping yet but I guess this could be normal?

I just keep crying and am finding it really hard to keep going at the moment.

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cariboo · 28/03/2009 15:07

My ob/gyn told me no heartbeat until 8 wks so hope for the best but prepare for the worst! fingers crossed for you. xx

kissmummy · 28/03/2009 16:02

hi BonyM, i know how incredibly slowly time goes when you are in this situation. I just wanted to make a point i've made on other threads, that sonographers are often not as expert as gynaecologists at interpreting what they see on the screen. i learned this to my cost when i had a missed miscarriage and the sonographer gave me some false hope that things might still turn out okay. when i saw a gynaecologist he could tell right away from my dates and the size of the fetal pole that there was no way this pregnancy was going anywhere. the sonographer had suggested another scan a week later; the gynaecologist said there was absolutely no point in this. not everyone realises that sonographers aren't doctors and don't have medical degrees. was your scan at a private clinic?

Mummyfor3 · 28/03/2009 16:12

Sorry, BonyM, for the situation you find yourself in.

I am also sorry that to be v honest with you, what you are describing does not sound good. I do hope I am wrong!

At 8 weeks a fetal heart would be v obvious, and even at 6 weeks a vaginal scan would normally pick up a heart beat, so sorry!

I have had 4 MMC and with all of them I had had NO inkling that anything could be wrong: no bleeding, no cramp. I have never had much in the way of morning sickness, so even that did not help. I suppose maybe breasttenderness became less, however one of the MMC I only found out about as I was being prepared for my CVS - 3 days earlier everything had looked ok.

HCG blood test will not tell you exactly how far on you are as the natural variations are HUGE. In a healthy ongoing pregnancy is should at least double every 48 hrs - maybe your GP could do this for you?

Just to end on a positive note: I did go on to have 3 healthy children and count myself v lucky and happy. However that does not diminuish the hurt of every loss.

This week will be hardest for you IME. Once you know what is going on for sure, you will be able to move forward.

I really do not mean to upset you further and like I said, would be delighted to be wrong.

Lots and lots of luck next week.

Dozymare · 28/03/2009 16:21

Bony M from what you say, your cycles are not regular, and you are not charting so IME, there is still hope! I have an underactive thyroid and irregular cycles like you, I "thought" I was 9 weeks PG but the sonographer placed me at 6weeks and again no heartbeat.

I had to go back a week later, and although there was still no heartbeat, the fetus had grown so they kept on scanning until lo and behold, there was a hearetbeat. I obviously wasn't ovulating mid cycle, had irregular periods but I do have DD to prove it. So, I would say, there is still hope....

Good luck.

mrsnic · 10/04/2009 19:02

Bony M, I had an early scan as was bleeding but turned out to be implantation bleeding nothing else, i have now had to have 4 scans at my local EPU. Last Thursday I went for a scan and was told the sac was collapsing and to expect the inevitable snd was given a leaflet to deal with a miscarriage. In that week nothing happened, no bleeding, no pain nothing atall. Have gone back yesterday and now told that is not the case that the sac is fine and there is a feotal pole, they put me at 6 weeks but they are concerned because they cant see a heartbeat. This is an emotional rollercoaster !! I now have another weeks wait to see whats happening and if heartbeat can be found.. I can completely understand how you must be feeling. I also have a tilted uterus and have questioned each time ive been to the hospital if this would affect a scan and each time im told it wouldnt especially a transvaginal scan.

I cant help but doubt what they are saying now due to the wrong information they have been giving me during the last week. Alls I would say is dont give up hope. I thought i was 8 weeks but due to irregular periods that is definately not the case - I have googled hundreds of things to do with scans and the vast majority say 6 weeks can sometimes be a bit early to see a heatbeat. Fingers crossed for both of us ! x

BonyM · 11/04/2009 21:43

mrsnic - I do hope it is good news for you. I think it was one of the worst times of my life between the first and second scan - not really knowing. Unfortunately the second scan just confirmed the first and I had medical management on Tuesday .

Keeping everything crossed for you - I really do hope it is a better outcome for you.

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