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First period after MC - TMI

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ScorpiowithabigS · 18/03/2009 20:37

I had a mc with my fourth pg in Feb - 38 days ago. Yesterday my period returned and it's very painful, very heavy and full of clots, so much so i can feel them come out of me when i change my tampon. I am having to change a super plus tampon every 2 hours and a pad also. It doesn't appear infected at all, just alot!

Have taken paracetemol and had a bath, guess i just want some reassurance and a manly pat on the back.

OP posts:
gigglewitch · 18/03/2009 20:43

had similar last week. however mine has turned out to be infected...buggerit.
Get heaps and heaps of rest and get lots of tlc and chocolate. They are usually much heavier for a month or two then things settle down. You have my sympathy m'dear. As you already know from t'other thread. ((hugs)) anyway.

OracleInaCoracle · 18/03/2009 20:52

they are odd for a while afterwards xx you poor thing, hot water bottle?

ps, if they smell call EPU.

anniecam38 · 19/03/2009 21:21

Scorpio my first AF after my mc was horrendous, so bad i had to take to my bed with a hot water bottle and dose up on painkillers. Had bad cramps and very heavy blood loss with lots of clots.It lasted nearly 6 days as well-start to finish.

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