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3rd MC in a row

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kay1980 · 10/03/2009 11:07

Had my 3rd MC yesterday I was 5.3 weeks. I had an MC in 2005 at 7 weeks and an ectopic last sept at 4 weeks. I have one daughter who was born in 2000. I am being referred for tests but I find it worrying and confusing how you can have a perfectly normal pregnancy and then have 3 MC's is there anybody else who has been through a similar siutation? I've heard that even when you have tests done they come back with nothing a lot of the time and its just "one of those things"

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BestFootForward · 10/03/2009 11:12

Hi Kay, I have 2 DC 6 & 3, last year I had two MC, at 7 & 11 weeks. The doctors all say it just unfortunate rather than signalling there is a problem. If I was to MC again they would begin investigations. The last MC was in September and I have been trying to get pg again since then. I fell pg with both DC on the first cycle, also fell pg with the two MC within first or second cycle so I am feeling a bit concerned but I will get there eventually! I know that doesn't really help you but just wanted to let you know you are not alone!

After I had my second MC I posted on here and there were lots of replies from people who had had 2 or 3 or more MC then gone on to have successful pg. Good Luck xxxx

kissmummy · 10/03/2009 16:29

hi there kay
i have had three miscarriages in a row and like you have a chlid - my little boy is 19 months old. so my miscarriages have come as a total shock. like you i can't understand why this has happened and don't know what to expect going forward. i don't really have any advice as i'm going through this myself just now and not always coping brilliantly with it, but you're not alone. the only thing i'd warn you about is how hard it can hit you after the third one. i thought i was okay immediately after the third one, but three weeks on, i have been feeling very low indeed. it may be easier if you know this might happen - though you might be tougher than me!

Daynee · 10/03/2009 19:27

Hi kay - I'm so sorry to hear of your losses. I know how frustrating it is but believe me when I say you are still one step further than me because I don't have any children yet!! I'm 31 and recently had my 3rd mc in a year. As I've discovered since then, it could be any number of things and then it could be nothing at all - talk about annoying!!
At any rate, it is normal to experience more difficulty as you get older. It could be something that just didn't affect you with your 1st dh and now it is. My doc said some of us will have many mc's in between our babies and some us (like me I guess) will have many mc's all before having any babies... THere is so rarely a clear-cut answer!

kay1980 · 10/03/2009 20:48

Thank you for all your messages - I think I coped quite well when I had the first two but I know what you mean kissmummy I think this one has definately hit me quite hard. I suppose I will just wait and see what happens when I go and see the specialist in a couple of months but I'm glad I found this website today as I was feeling quite lonely and I think it helps a lot to talk to people who are going through/or have been through the same thing.

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MirandaG · 10/03/2009 20:55

Hi Kay
I'm sorry about your miscarriages, but to add a good news story I had three in a row after my first little girl. I conceived for the fourth time the same year (must have been on a roll) and had our second little girl. I think that it's only when it happens to you that you realise how often it happens and, sadly, how common it is to have several miscarriages without a reason ever being found. I would recommend Lesley Regan's book - I think it's called Miscarriage What Every Woman Should Know, or something similar. HTH and good luck.

kay1980 · 11/03/2009 09:35

Thanks MirandaG I ordered that book yesterday as a lot of people on here have mentioned it and it had really good reviews on amazon.

OP posts:
MirandaG · 11/03/2009 11:53

No problem - I thought it was a great book and she is lovely - you see her on TV sometimes. I saw her once years ago for a gynaecological problem (long before I was thinking of kids or anything) and I was complaining about how hairy I was (or perceived myself to be) and she said 'well you don't look very hairy to me' and I have loved her ever since. In all seriousness though, she is a great doctor and her book is written with great symapthy and understanding. On a happier note, I also have a friend who had two miscarriages and an ectopic (not sure of the order) between her two girls.

cornflakegirl · 11/03/2009 13:11

I'm sorry you've had another miscarriage. I hope you're taking care of yourself.

I had DS in 2005, and last year had three early miscarriages. I'm currently 17 weeks pregnant (so hopeful but nervous). I read Prof Regan's book after my third miscarriage, and found it really interesting (although not directly relevant as I got pregnant again straight away, so haven't had any tests for the cause of my miscarriages).

I'd really recommend coming and chatting on the Pregnancy after Miscarriage (Knicker Checkers) thread (now if you want, but certainly when you get pregnant again). It's very helpful to get advice on what medical care to expect, and also just to share anxieties.

sue10 · 11/03/2009 16:32

Sorry about your mc's, give yourself time to rest. It's good to hear of positive stories from the other ladies.

Another book to think about getting is a very good one called
is your body baby friendly by Dr Alan Beer.


scotlass · 15/03/2009 10:45

Hi Kay,
I've a similar history to you, have one DD born in 1999 (conceived first month of trying) and have had x3 unexplained mc's in past year and a half. Am now nearly 35wks pg and am nervous as hell but so far everything has been OK. I tried taking baby aspirin this time and had a lot of TLC from my local EPU in the first 12wks, I also went off sick from work between week 7 and 10 weeks to try and keep my stress levels down. I had tests after the 3rd but nothing showed up, took average 3mths between each mc to conceive - I don't think I'll ever know the reason. I've just told myself the babies were obviously not meant to be for whatever reason. Good luck Kay - I hope it's 4th time lucky for you too!!

kay1980 · 27/01/2010 13:40

Just wanted to update the thread I started back in March last year after suffering my 3rd MC in a row. I am now 33 weeks PG and all is going well so far I have taken the baby aspirin with this one don't know whether it has actually helped or not but I just wanted to let people know who are going through recurrent miscarriages that there is a light at the end and never to give up

OP posts:
aquinn · 27/01/2010 14:17

Kay -
just wrote a message but hadn't registered and now I've come back and seen you are pregnant - great news - congrats. I just had a D&C last thurs - 3 miss in a row and two healthy kids before that and I feel pretty lost and scared about what the tests will come up with....

kay1980 · 27/01/2010 15:32

aquinn so sorry to hear that I know exactly how you must be feeling, you just can't seem to get your head around the fact that you can have perfectly healthy pregnancies and then have to go through all this heartache. My tests all come back fine but the doctor just advised me to take the baby aspirin after I got a positive not before as it can cause implantation issues. I know this one is a girl and my other 9 year old is also a girl and some people have said to me maybe I can't carry boys. I don't know.

Anyway make sure you take care of yourself and maybe give yourself some time before you try again but of course its up to you I waited a few months after my third on my doctor's advice.

OP posts:
charlii · 27/01/2010 16:29

Im sorry for your losses. I know how you feel as i have got a baby girl age 2 and then last yr have had 2 m/cs and have now found out im preg again. Its very early days for me so hopefully everythings ok! I am not quite sure how far gone i am as i only had my last m/c in dec( i have had neg tests inbetween so i know its not the same preg hormone!) My local epu has been great and very supportive as well as my husband and family!
Just keep trying and hopefully it will happen soon!!
x x x

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