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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

When to test?

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secretid · 06/03/2009 16:04

I miscarried last month and endd up having an erpc to remove some retained tissue. I am beginning to suspect that i could be pregnant again. We have been having unprotected sex since a week after the mc. In the last week i have begin to feel very sleepy and am falling asleep on th sofa in the early evening. I am typically hormonal, weepy one minute, snappy the next, skin is awful and the last few mornings i have woken up feeling like i have a hangover. By my normal cycle AF would be due tomorrow but i have had no cramps or anything yet. I wasnt aware that i have ovulated this month, i normally get sharp pain and ewcm but haven't noticed anything. I just don't know when it would be a sensible time to take a test. Now would be very early at only just 4 weeks since erpc. could i still get a positive result from the miscarriage? I also am scared of finding out that i am pregnant too soon incase it all goes wrong again. What should i do??

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MrsMcJnr · 06/03/2009 16:43

Secretid - sorry to hear about your loss I have been there and it is very hard. I have also had a similar experience in that I got pg with my DS exactly 10 weeks later when things had not really got back to normal. Depending on how far along you were when you MCd I think that after 4 weeks your hcg levels from the first pregnancy may have dropped low enough for you to ovulate again so it is certainly possible that you are pregnant and if you treat the ERPC as day 1 of the current cycle then a test has a good chance of being accurate at this stage. It is scary being pg after a MC and it stirs up all sorts of emotions but it is fabulous too and goes a long way towards healing the pain from your loss. Fingers crossed for you

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