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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

this is the 1st forum where small group of people don't dominate-anyone else agree?

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beanie35 · 26/02/2009 18:07

It is so great to find a miscarriage site that is not dominated by a small group of 'devotees'. One site in particular (I won't name them) is awful. If you are not part of the gang, you are more or less ousted! Not something you need when you're looking for support at such a terrible time. It got to the point where I knew the life story of one woman(every detail) but if some other poor woman posted to share her experience only one or two 'nice'people would respond. so, I have left, and really like this site. Am I being over sensitive, or has anyone else had this experience??

OP posts:
BFQi · 26/02/2009 18:12

Hello beanie35. I've never posted about miscarriage, so no idea, but I hope you get some good support here. What is your experience of miscarriage? (Please don't say if you don't want to.)

Forrester · 27/02/2009 11:49

I think you're right beanie, people here are lovely and the support is equal and people rush to help those in immediate distress.

SoupDragon · 27/02/2009 11:51

I think it's because of the way MN is set up - the miscarriage threads come up along with all the other active conversations and are therefore seen by a large number of members, a fair proportion of who will have suffered a miscarriage at some point or other.

SpringBlossom · 27/02/2009 12:48

I think I might know the miscarriage site you mean; I've found it a bit weird. I posted in October and as a 'newbie' got some supportive replies; have posted on there since and got very little. It's made me nervous about saying anything to be honest, cos the last thing you need is a kicking (e.g. no replies) when you're down. I go up and down this particular site wondering where to post and just cop out... I can't undertand why even in cyberspace people seem to feel the need to form 'cliques' and make non-members feel unwelcome. Bizarre.

fryalot · 27/02/2009 12:51

I don't know the site you mean, beanie, but I think it's as SoupDragon suggested earlier in this thread - the mc threads come up in general conversation so those of us that have been through it in the past and wouldn't necessarily post on a specific mc forum can still have something to add.

Hope you're now getting the support and advice that you need at this horrible time

Annabel1 · 27/02/2009 14:43

I relate to that too - might be cos this is a general site - I just popped in here cos I remember how dreadful it was although its not where I am at the moment whereas with some of the fertility/miscarriage sites you only visit when its the problem at the time. I must admit, I thought it was me at the time - something about the way I posted or didn't maybe answer enough posts so people thought I was selfish! I love mumsnet though!

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