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Balls to babycentre cookies

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sifuentes · 26/02/2009 16:32

Just googled something and their page came up first. Clicked on it and looked at the banner at the top only to see that it said your baby - 21 weeks. I deleted their updates when i got back to work but didn't go onto the site and delete my details. it didn't even occur to me. I can't face doing it now.

AGHG had done so well at really not knowing what I would 'be' anymore (whereas when i was still preg i practically knew to the hour)


sorry. No one has to feel like they need to reply. That's just made me feel quite upset and like someone just punched me in the stomach, and you lovely ladies are the only ones who can understand...

OP posts:
Habbibu · 26/02/2009 16:33

Oh, that's bad. I'm sorry. Horrible thing to see.

I'm sorry for your loss.

cocolepew · 26/02/2009 16:34

How horrible for you.

Leave those other forums alone, stay here with us....

sifuentes · 26/02/2009 16:35

Thanks ladies - funny how things can still floor you even when you think you're totally fine...

OP posts:
cocolepew · 26/02/2009 16:51

I had my first MC 13 years ago. My due date was the 5th April. Some things just stick in your head.
Take care x

sifuentes · 26/02/2009 16:59

Yes, my due date will always stick in my head too. Thank you so much for uber quick 999 style response

OP posts:
Joolsiam · 26/02/2009 17:03

I get the same - emails too that I simply can't persuade to go away. Emma's Diary - gaaaaaahhhhhh. They told me last week that I'm moving into the third triester I can't get my login to the site to work to turn off emails, so contacted them and asked the administrators to do it for me - no response. Unfeeling so and so's - grrrrrrrrr

Having an angry day today rather than sad !

Joolsiam · 26/02/2009 17:04


and I tried to set my email to recognise emails from Emma's diary as junk mail, but it doesn't work and they still appear in my inbox - really looking forward to the "congratulations" one on May 28th - NOT

sifuentes · 26/02/2009 17:10

Oh god Jools that totally sucks.
It's like my midwife calling me to ask why i had missed my scan. Can't you call Emma and ask her to leave you the hell alone????

OP posts:
supergluebum · 26/02/2009 18:10

sifuentes that's pants for you I hope you feel better soon.

Joolsiam · 02/03/2009 14:36

I just had a lovely apologetic email from Cow and Gate as I'd asked them to unsubscribe me - they gave some good advice aswell - apparently there is a number you can call to get taken off all baby-related mailings - fab idea that I thought may well help a few others of us sadly lurking in this forum:

"You may also wish to contact the Baby Mailing Preference Service on 0207 291 3310 or who will be able to stop mailings from other companies. "

mermaidspurse · 02/03/2009 14:43

hi jools lovely lady just popped in to see if you are ok. Thats nice of c&gate, my virtual wastebin is overflowing with stuff.

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