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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

I'm weird - anyone else?

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Katonahottinroof · 20/02/2009 03:20

OK this is loong and mental but besically, had a mc at 5 weeks in December, normal bleed lasted a week cramping etc...
I tested neg pretty much straight away and fell pregnant again the following month (I would now be 9 weeks). Had a BIG bleed at 4+6 and assumed I had another mc but tested positive 2 weeks later. Got referred for a scan at 7 weeks and nothing in womb.

Since then I have been having bloods taken every 2 days for HCG. I know I don't have a viable pregnancy and I'm fine with that but the levels are taking forever to drop!

First HCG was 142
then 121

They have given me a week off from getting bloods but they aren't really sure why my levels are dropping so slowly. It's been over 4 weeks since my m/c and at 4+6 my levels wouldn't have been very high anyway!

Anyone else had experience of anything like this? They have ruled out ectopic and have just diagnosed me with a 'failing pregnancy'. I have spotting every few days but nothing significant - tbh I just wish I could have a BIG period and get it all out of my system and I NEVER thought I'd say that!!

The only pain I have ever had with this pg/mc has been shooting pains in my cervix area, there was never any cramping which may be part of the problem....

I already have 3 children and never had any problems before.

OP posts:
Italophil · 20/02/2009 10:01

Hi Katonahottinroof, I have no idea if this is what could be your case, but it may be worth checking for a molar pregnancy.

A year ago i had a MC at 13 weeks, and the levels did not go down quickly enough (in fact i kept spotting for about the whole time and did not get my proper period). My OB first thought the spotting could have been an infection, but when the chromosome test and histo came back, it was clear (in connection with the HCG staying high) that it was a molar pregnancy.

While in a scan there is nothing embryonal in the womb, you would see a so-called "snow storm effect".

I dont want to worry you, but i would just check to be sure, as not every OB watches out for this (there are only 1:1500-2000 cases).

Italophil · 20/02/2009 10:25

BTW, just in terms of reference, at my second MC I had the following HCG levels, which my OB referred to as a normal drop:

  • day of MC: 89
  • MC +2: 27
Habbibu · 20/02/2009 14:54

Agree with Italophil - could be a molar pregnancy, and if so, it's very important that you're monitored closely. A BIG bleed can also be a symptom - I had three with my partial molar and they really were gushes, if that isn't tmi.

My local hosp is the Scottish Molar Pregnancy centre, so they're quite on the ball, but as Italophil says, it's rare, so not always looked for.

diedandgonetodevon · 20/02/2009 15:08

I have to agree that molar pregnancy was my 1st thought when I read your message. If I was you I would at least raise the question with your OB

Italophil · 20/02/2009 15:58

Katonahottinroof: I dont know where you are, but the best place in London is Charing Cross Hospital. They have a centre of excellence for this and monitor everyone. not sure if they diagnose it for you, or just in case your OB confirms:

I hope it's not the case for you, but its worth checking. good luck!

Habbibu · 20/02/2009 16:02

Kat, just to add to Italophil's post - the other two UK centres are Sheffield and Dundee. All are excellent - have heard not a single complaint about any of them.

Katonahottinroof · 20/02/2009 19:50

Thanks, I'm in the north east. I did consider molar but my mw friend said in molar pregnancies the HCG levels are usually very very high in the thousands.

I'll mention it next week when I go for my next bloods.


OP posts:
Habbibu · 20/02/2009 19:54

Levels in molars are often very high, yes, but it depends on how much molar tissue has been lost, and the levels can increase if there's regrowth of the mole. If your hcg is being regularly monitored, then I wouldn't be too concerned, as that's all that would happen in a molar follow-up, though they'd be checking that the level remained at zero for 6 months - for that reason they very strongly advise that you don't get pregnant again within that time period.

Katonahottinroof · 20/02/2009 20:07

I am a 4th year biomedical scientist student so am usually pretty clued up on bloods and biochemical stuff but this one had me stumped!
Had a tiny bit of pink when wiping tonight, the first for about a week...
If it turned out to be molar and I couldn't get pregnant for 6 months I'd probably go mad but I'd be fine, I'm only 29 so not in a mad rush.

OP posts:
Habbibu · 20/02/2009 20:12

You eat a lot of blue cheese, pate, red wine and runny eggs to cope....

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