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karyotyping, anti-cardiolipin+lupus anti-coagulation??????????

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bitchyfanny · 19/02/2009 20:55

we have just had these tests done, im not even sure what they are for? could anyone explain these to me please. and the genetic testing, is that the karyotyping? what will we find out from those? thank you

OP posts:
napa · 19/02/2009 21:22

karyotyping will test you and your partner for genetic anomalies. the other two are what is used to test for hughes or 'sticky blood' syndrome. Not had them done myself but others might be along later who have

sue10 · 19/02/2009 21:26

Hi there,
as far as im aware the tests you mention above are know as the level 1 tests which look at clotting/immune issues such as lupus etc...
Then there are the level 2 tests which can only be done at private clinics also known as the chicago tests. These tests look into immune issue in greater depth such as nk cells, th1, th2 etc... Google CARE Nottingham and/or the ARGC in London for more info. Also fertility friends has lots of info on both these sets of tests.

Hope this helps.

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