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new here... when does ovulation return after mc?

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sassenach · 14/02/2009 22:50

Hi, I'm new here, have been finding the posts on this board v helpful as there is really very little info out there on miscarriage and when I mc'ed in October I couldn't find anything to answer my questions. Well I got through it okay but even though I'm now on my fifth cycle I'm not convinced I am ovulating yet. Has anyone else experienced this? I haven't tried the kits or anything - to be honest I don't really feel ready to actively try again yet - but I'm aware from mucus etc that things aren't quite normal. Just want some reassurance that they are likely to return to normal eventually.

OP posts:
VJay · 15/02/2009 10:18

I'm pretty sure that if you are having periods then you are ovulating. I was like you, unsure, so I used ovulation sticks just to check, and I was, so maybe give them a go. They are quite expensive in the shops but I got some cheap ones from, and they did work for me. Good luck xx

sarah76 · 19/02/2009 22:23

Hi there. Actually, you can have periods without ovulating (I do it all the time due to polycystic ovarian syndrome!). The first cycle after my miscarriage, I didn't ovulate, but then I started ovulating again on the second cycle, and got pregnant again on the third cycle.

For me, the only way I could ever tell if I ovulated or not was by taking my temperature every single day (for the last three years). My cycles varied in length from 19 days to over 100, and I never ovulated on the same day (if at all).

If you had normal length cycles before, and they're the same length now, I'd be pretty sure you're okay. Best of luck to you.

Katonahottinroof · 22/02/2009 00:02

I had an early mc in December and fell pregnant exactly 4 weeks later (unfortunately had another mc) so I ovulated exactly 2 weeks later.

Once your HCG level returns to normal you will generally produce the hormones needed for ovulation. Sometimes this can take weeks though, usually the later the mc, the longer it will take. Not always though!
Like PP said though it also depends on your cycles prior to the mc as not all women produce an eggy every month.

Good luck with whatever you decide. Take your time and start trying when you feel ready hun xxx

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