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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Still bleeding 7 weeks after miscarriage

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RubyF · 12/02/2009 19:03

Hi there

I haven't been on this forum for some time as haven't been feeling so great (emotionally). Well I am now into my 7th week of bleeding. I have had a completely neg preg test at long last. I was hoping that the preg tissue had all passed but still bleeding. Sometimes it's light then all of a sudden I pass a huge clot. Yesterday for eg clot was size of my palm.

I rang my nurse at epu and couldn't speak to normal one but the other said I had to now see GP as they will take swabs etc and maybe give something to stop bleeding. I feel worried about this. I don't feel unwell but she said they need to check for infections etc.

I feel that I can't get on with my life to a degree. This was my first preg by the way.

Any advice please- anyone else had the same happen to them? Here's hoping for some help.

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napa · 12/02/2009 22:12

I had erpc last year and bled for most of the first 3 months, it was only after I passed a bit of retained produts (sorry if TMI) that it went back to normal. I suggest going to see your GP, they may send you for a scan to check things or give you some anitbiotics. You can have an infection even if you feel well.
Good luck hope it improves soon

wasabipeanut · 12/02/2009 22:37

ruby I'm sorry for your loss. I think you should see your GP or to the EPU as soon as possible. As far as I understand bleeding for this lomg indicates retained tissue (sorry) and there may be an infection which will need treating.

I;m amazed your EPU didn't get you in for a scan when you called if you are still passing clots. I think it may be time to get a bit stroppy with someone!

Kismaat · 13/02/2009 10:11

Hi Ruby sorry for your loss. I had my mmc medically managed 2 weeks 2days ago. Bleeding went on for 2wks, now spotting, but I went for a scan on Tues only to find out that I have ?retained products of conception? (who comes up with this vocab??). Was surprised because the mc was so heavy and I was sure I had passed it all. So my point is, you should definitely have a scan to check if there?s anything left inside, and be investigated / treated for infection if necessary. I would say the fact that you have a negative preg test is a good sign but you should still insist on the scan. Then they should offer you an ERPC if there is anything ?retained?. I wanted to avoid surgery but have now decided to go for the ERPC because I?m so tired of not being able to just draw a line under this and move on, so I imagine it must be really getting you down after 7 weeks. Hope it all gets resolved soon.

Forrester · 13/02/2009 11:12

I agree, clots the size of your hand don't sound normal. Insist on a scan.

RubyF · 13/02/2009 18:13

Thanks everyone, I think I do need to see my GP. Let's see how that goes....

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