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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Here's what happened at my scan and since........

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AuntyFlo · 27/01/2009 19:13

Hi everyone,
Put up a post last week re being 6 weeks preg with light cramps and waiting for a scan.
Well, went for the scan at my EPU yesterday. Soooooo nervous. Anyone the scan showed TWO sacs - one with a yolk sac, fetal pole and a heartbeat the second sca they weren't sure of so going back in 9 days (and counting).
Yes, I know all that is encouraging - to see a heartbeat means a good chance of everything being ok.
But today I went to the doctors as having previously has Bacterial Vaginosis last month I was getting the symptoms again. I tested positive for it and have been put on Metronidazole.
When I last had BV the dos said there wasn't a risk of m/c but a risk of a pre-term baby. OK.
The doc today said there's a link between a pre-term baby AND m/c!!
I'm getting mixed messages here.
I was also told that taking metronidazole in early preganacy is fine but I'm so scared that it isn't safe
Am taking it as they said but am naturally concerned. I'm trying not to get too excited about the heartbeat I saw to avoid disappointment I know.
Has anyone had this happen to them? Any reassuring words would be great. Thanks xx

OP posts:
theresonlyme · 27/01/2009 19:19

I have had the two sacs with them not sure if both were going to develop properly into a baby.

Is there anyone you can talk to? Midwife?

SexOnFire · 27/01/2009 19:19

I couldn't not reply here but I have no experience in this area. Hope someone comes along soon who can actually post something useful.

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