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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

worried for nothing or maybe a mmc?

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pregnantbutworried · 25/01/2009 14:50

Hi have namechanged incase I am being neurotic!

I found out I was pg in dec and am currently 9 weeks today but I have a feeling something might be wrong.

Just before I had my bfp I had to take antibiotics for a gum infection and was taking alot of ibruprofen for the pain, then a couple of weeks later I had to have a tooth removed, I was taking citalopram until I was 6 weeks but stopped this after advice from dr.

I was feeling alot of nausea to begin with which eased off around the same time as I stopped the citalopram so maybe that was what made me feel sick or may point to a problem?
I have also noticed in the last week or so that my nipples are not as tender and some days feel normal and today I am feeling quite crampy, it feels like just before I get my period.
I havent had any bleeding or pains but I just dont feel right.
I saw the mw on monday and should get my scan date sometime this week (she said it would be booked for around 11 weeks)
I already have a ds but I dont remember feeling like this last time round.

Do you think I am over thinking things or could there be a problem?

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VJay · 25/01/2009 14:57

I don't know, but I've been having spotting and crampy pains so the doctor scanned me and everything is fine so far. I too am 9 weeks pg, but after 2 mcs last year I am on high alert for all symptoms. The best thing to do, if you are worried, is call your gp or mw and tell them. Not sure if that was helpful

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