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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Do you know why you had recurrent mc??

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Daynee · 14/01/2009 18:10

Hi all: As I read through the stories here, I am both comforted and confused at the same time. I realize that many women have recurrent miscarriages and many of us never find out why...I'm currently waiting to have more tests to see if I can actually find out why!
I'd like to know if those of you with multiple mc (and no children yet), like myself, have actually found something - a reason - clotting disorder, antibodies?

I'm also wondering if those of you who have miscarried at more than 10 weeks - did you find out why? I've read that it is much more rare to have a mc after 10-11 weeks, especially after you see a heartbeat. I do realize that some women didn't miscarry until 10 - 12 weeks but the baby actually stoppped growing much sooner than that. So, my question is really for those that actually had a baby grow to 10-12 weeks and then boom! I'm just so worried because all 3 of mc were fairly early - the pregnancy only grew to 4.5, 5, and 7 weeks.
Any insight would be appreciated!

Eat pizza, drink wine, and veg on the couch! This helps me a lot...

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VJay · 14/01/2009 18:18

I don't quite fall into the above categories, but I've had 2 mc's and both times we saw heartbeats, so that was hard, as I'd read once you see a heartbeat the odds of mc go down to 5% (I think).

cmotdibbler · 14/01/2009 20:46

I had three miscarriages, and never knew why, although I took aspirin in my 4th (successful) pregnancy.

In my third pregnancy I had a normal scan at 7.5 weeks with a heartbeat etc, but the baby died that day as it turned out

monkeybumsmum · 14/01/2009 21:24

So sorry about your mc's Daynee . My 2nd mc was at 8 weeks, after seeing a heartbeat, and then my 3rd was at 12 weeks. Found out that it had been a partial molar pregnancy, so yes, I did get a reason. Haven't a clue why the 2nd one happened, or the 1st for that matter.

I did read somewhere that due to chromosomal abnormalities that mc's are more likely to happen around the point that yours have got to. Maybe have a read of Lesley Regans book "Miscarriage: What every woman needs to know". That really helped me when I was trying to understand why my mc's happened.


Daynee · 15/01/2009 13:43

Thank u guys - I really appreciate any feedback and it always helps just to talk about it. My dh is so wonderful but he's just a big talker. He's like, "We've already talked about it. We'll just end up saying the same things over and over." I know he has a point but I don't care!

VJay - I've heard that too about the risk of mc going down after the heartbeat. Of course, we have to be in that very small category!

dibbler - so sorry about your 3 mc's. And so happy for you on your 4th. I asked my doc about taking baby aspirin and she said really you only take it if you have some sort of clotting disorder. However, I've heard of women taking it anyway even when this disorder isn't found. How many children do you have?

monkeybums - I'm so sorry about your partial molar pg - that must have been just a terrible experience. Do you have any children? I've also read about the chromosomal abnormalities and that this is usually the reason for earlier mc's.

XOXO - One day at a time

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SpeckledHen · 15/01/2009 13:54

Hi.i had 5 mcs and 3 healthy babies in the following order: 2 mcs, baby, 3 mcs, dioagnosis with factor v leiden and aspirin and heparin, 2 babies.

I am so sorry about your mcs. I understand that many clotting disorders may not have been discovered yet and so some womenmay take aspirin and heparin just in case they have an as yet undetected clotting disorder. Factor V Leidien itself has only been recognised for the last 15 years or so.

Ange2005 · 15/01/2009 14:10


We've now had a total of five miscarriages. Our son was born in May 2005. Sadly he died aged eighteen weeks of a little known genetic disease called SMARD1 (Spinal Muscular Atrophy with Respiratory Distress). Each of our pregnancies has a one in four chance of being affected by SMARD. Sadly since losing Fergus we have had five unexplained miscarriages - not linked to SMARD - and a termination as the baby had SMARD and would have died within the first six months of its life. The pattern of our pregnancies is as follows:
Fergus born 27/05/05, died 30/09/05
March 2006 - miscarriage at approx. 7 weeks
October 2006 - miscarriage - initial heartbeat detected at approx. 8 weeks, no heartbeat detected at CVS test - 11 weeks 3 days
February 2007 - Termination (approx. 13 weeks) - baby affected by SMARD
September 2007 - Miscarriage at 9 weeks
April 2008 - miscarriage - initial heartbeat detected at approx. 8 weeks, no heartbeat detected at CVS - 11 weeks 3 days
January 2009 - miscarriage at 8 weeks

We have had recurrent miscarriage investigations by our consultant at Addenbrooke's, and privately by Lesley Regan at St. Mary's. The results showed no issues. During my most recent pregnancy I was taking progesterone and Clexane just in case it might help but obviously it didn't. I'm thirty five.

Who knows where we go from here but it so hard to give up trying.

Good luck to everyone!


Daynee · 15/01/2009 15:14

Oh Ange - I'm so sorry to hear of your losses. If I were you, I might have gone crazy by now. Have you done IVF? I've heard successful things with it. Does your doc think that maybe all the mc's could have somehow been related to the SMARD - like some other genetic complications caused by it?

Speckled - COngratulations on having 3 children. Were you relieved when they found the V leiden? I am kind of wishing that they find something wrong so we can fix it and move on to have a baby!

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Ange2005 · 15/01/2009 15:23

Hi Daynee,

Thanks for your reply. Our miscarriages are not SMARD related, at least if they were we would have an explanation. Haven't tried IVF yet. Think we'll just take a break from all of this for a while.

Best wishes,


Daynee · 15/01/2009 18:12

Ange - It must be so frustrating for you. You have been trying for 3 years?! It's only been a year and a half for me but even that has seemed like an eternity. I think that if my tests come back fine then we will try again once more naturally and if that doesn't stick, then I think I'll definitely go for IVF. I'm just trying to think about all the possible routes. I'm 31 and it's not like I'm terribly old but my dh is 37 and totally ready to be a dad. We always joke that we're going to be too old and tired to run around with our kids by the time we finally have one!

Like you said, you can't give up, but also keep in mind that you have to continue to be proactive, unless you're a VERY patient person and not in any hurry. But then you don't want to turn around one day and wish you had done something sooner. I don't know. Does God have a plan or is it all just the way it is? I like to think that life is more than coincidence that is meaningless.

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