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Have anyones' monthlys messed around since mc's?

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AuntyFlo · 07/01/2009 15:40

Hi Everyone.
Had to post this up as I don't know if this is 'normal' or not - and hope the following isn't confusing to any readers.
My monthlys have been messing me around a little since I had 1 mmc Jul08 and a mc Nov08.
Before then my cycle lengths were 29 days - or thereabouts.
Since then I expected them to be a little irregular.
Had ERPC in Jul and the next period was 36 days later. Then the next, 31 days, then fell pregnant again. Had natural mc in Nov, the next period was 38 days (counted from the first day I started to miscarry).
I'm now on day 27 and have had period pain, sore boobs and short tempered etc so I know I'm premenstrual.(TTC too but know I'm not pregnant as I'm too premenstrual to be so.)
Before the mc's last year I would have PMT and slight draggy period pain for a couple of days but now I'm getting PMT, it seems, a little earlier in the cycle (definitely post-ovulation) and I get the period pain as if I'm 'coming on'. Then it goes and I think "well maybe I'm not coming on then?!".
Am getting so cross. It's as if my womb's having a laugh at my expense signalling I'm coming on and then no show for at least a week!
It's as if the 'coming on' bit is stuttery rather than before when it would be, period pain one day and 'coming on' the next - done no messing around.
Sorry for the rant everyone but feedback would be great
Thanks and Happy New Year by the way x

OP posts:
Joolsiam · 07/01/2009 16:12

Well mine are messed up, but in a different messed-upness to yours !!

Natural MC at 11+4 on Nov 11th. Started bleeding 35 days later - the day after I was convinced I'd ovulated. Bleeding was extremely light but lasted 8 days - I'm guessing decidual bleeding from an anovulatory cycle as there was no PMT at all and it was too pink and thin (sorry if TMI) to be AF (and yes, I did POAS just to check )

Am now on CD22, if I take the date of the heaviest flow from that bleed as CD1. Have had all the signs of OV - lashings of EWCM and familiar OV pains on Monday (before it would have been on CD16). However, no bloating and no sore boobs so I don't think I did ovulate So, it is a waiting game - I could be in a 2WW, or I could be waiting for AF, or I could still be waiting to Ovulate or waiting for some breakthrough bleading after another anovulatory cycle - and all I want to do is TTC again

My cycle used to run like clockwork - ov CD16, AF CD29, so I'm finding this intensely frustrating and I'm sure you are too

Bleuravin · 07/01/2009 16:14

Oh gosh reminds me in some ways of me.
Had a mc and things went haywire.
Before mc I was a bit laggy the week before then the day before I'd pick up suddenly but have cramps. I'd have 3 days of flow a 12 hr break and then 2-3 days of spotting.
After wards...I was taking a pregnancy test every month because I was late, or early, or just spotting, or it lasted for 2 weeks. And just when I thought oh this is normal something would go awry again! I was so frustrated and depressed. My moods were up and down and all around. I was lost because before my cycles were so reliable and I counted on them in someways and used them to gage the rest of my life.
And then one month everything felt normal again (10 months after) and then the next was normal too and I said to DH 'I feel like I used to...' and now were preggy and 28 weeks along.

It'll come, be as patient as you can, rant a lot and have some good cries when you need to, don't bottle things in and you'll find it easier I think.

Good luck

Joolsiam · 07/01/2009 16:36

I posted in Conception asking if anyone had experience of taking Agnus Castus to regulate hormones / cycles / ovulation as I've read some good things about it.

I didn't really get any feedback - does anyone in here have any opinions ?

AuntyFlo · 07/01/2009 16:44

Thanks for your replies.
Sorry, Joolsiam, don't have any feedback on that one.
I'm so glad, Bleuravin, that you're 28 weeks along.
Maybe I'm expecting too much of my body. It's been through what I've been through after all.
Believe me I'm trying to be patient. I've been crying alot which does feel good. Reading Dawn Frenchs' autobiography at the mo and that's had me in tears - also funny too It passes the time and takes me somewhere else for a while.
PMT can really distort things Thanks again

OP posts:
Bleuravin · 07/01/2009 16:52

Hadn't heard of Agnus Castus, after reading a bit it sounds very interesting... Might consider it afterwards

Daynee · 07/01/2009 17:05

Aunty - I've been rather "messed up" myself, having had 3 miscarriages in the last year. But usually it was just the first period after the mc that was screwy.

I can't seem to figure out when I should start testing for ovulation because I don't know when to start calculating. Do I count from the very first day I started spotting or the first day I started bleeding heavily?

Anyone have any idea?

AuntyFlo · 07/01/2009 17:23

Sorry Daynee, no idea. Never used an ovulaton kit.
Sorry to hear you've had 3 mc's - alot to go through in a year.
Take Care.

OP posts:
Bleuravin · 07/01/2009 17:24

Daynee-- Might find this site handy

this quote comes from another site:
One common method of finding out the best time to get pregnant is counting days. To do this, figure out when your next period is due. From this date, count back 12 to 16 days. This will give you a range of days when you will probably be ovulating. In normal case, for women with a 28-day cycle, the 14th day is often the best day to get pregnant. To use this method, you must know how long your cycle usually lasts and have relatively regular cycles.

From that info I would say from the 'spotting' because the menstration will be starting at that point

Daynee · 07/01/2009 18:13

Thanks for the info Bleu. I actually looked over my calendar and saw that the 2nd time I miscarried, it was approximately 29 days since I started bleeding heavily (actually miscarrying) until the next period. So, I'm guessing from this that I should calculate from the actual mc instead of from the day I started spotting because nothing was actually happening yet. As a matter of fact, we saw the baby a week after the bleeding started.
Anyway, I'll start testing soon and probably run through 10 sticks!

sifuentes · 11/02/2009 18:43

SO pleased I just found this thread.

"now I'm getting PMT, it seems, a little earlier in the cycle (definitely post-ovulation) and I get the period pain as if I'm 'coming on'. Then it goes and I think "well maybe I'm not coming on then?!"."

This is me. exactly. down to the ground. I even poas despite not having ttc cos is just so unlike what i was like before, which thankfully was pretty much like a swiss clock. I'm finding that the cramps feel much like very early pregnancy too, which is cruelly confusing. And 2 whole weeks of pmt??! what's THAT all about??

ooo one more question. did anyone ever get a prolonged spell of intense lightheadedness/dizziness and weird palpitations a couple of months after MC? I had it last weekend for a couple of days. not sure if it was hormonal or mc related - or something completely different. just thought i would throw it out there on the offchance. trawling the internet has not thrown up anything so far.

ttfn xx

samoy · 11/02/2009 19:22

hi sifuentes, in reply to your symptoms of lightheadiness etc , i felt like that before i was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid. Just a thought, maybe worth looking into..?

sifuentes · 12/02/2009 09:36

thanks samoy - will look into that

mermaidspurse · 12/02/2009 10:06

sifuentes maybe the lightheadiess is lack of iron?

sifuentes · 12/02/2009 10:40

Hi mermaid
i am anaemic since the humongous blood loss of the MC but have been on iron tablets and felt the benefit of those bad boys very quickly. however i haven't been taking the tablets that well lately - then again - it wasn't anaemia type dizziness.

probly just one of those things. feeling a bit about being a hypochondriac.

becklespeckle · 12/02/2009 10:52

Hiya, I think it is very normal for your AFs to be messed up after a m/c and IME more so after 2 fairly close ones. I had 2 m/c in a short space like you and my AFs were all over the place, months between them and then extended bleeding/spotting when they did arrive. I also had exagerrated symptoms beforehand like you are describing. I have to say it took around 5-6 months for them to sort themselves out but then I fell pg straight away again and now have a gorgeous 1yo DD!

mermaidspurse · 12/02/2009 11:13

becklespeckle its lovely when there is a happy ending.
really looking forward to all the yucky getting back to normal.
sifuentes is'nt it awful feeling like a hypochondriac? where is the carefree wind in my hair, conquer Everest by luch time woman gone?

sifuentes · 12/02/2009 11:28

beckle thanks - i am always a sucker for a happy ending

mermaidspurse HEXACTLY!! that's the me I know and would like to get back to being asap thankyouverymuch

Fingers crossed that Aunt Flo will flow today. She's been hanging around in my tummy all week now. So over it.

Forrester · 12/02/2009 13:43

Hi, you say you counted the first day you started to miscarry as Day 1? Do you mean the first day you started to bleed? I started spotting on the Tuesday and it stayed like that until the Friday morning when I started losing big amounts of blood everytime I went to the loo (Bloody agony that night). It tailed off, then I lost the 'mass' on the Sunday night. Which day should I count as the day I started to miscarry? If I count the Tuesday, today is 30 days and I've got some very light pink spotting, so I thought it could be start of my AF.

mermaidspurse · 12/02/2009 14:34

I dont know forrester I skate always on thin ice around all this stuff but blow me no sooner had I writen the above but af decided to arrive... out of the blue, no signs, no pain.. my last af was 15th Nov, mc on 18th jan, so yeah ditto forrester where do we count from.. so I could make that 26 days I guess.. we need jools

Forrester · 12/02/2009 15:12

Mermaid, me too, just after I'd asked, so it could be 30 days or 25....

sifuentes · 12/02/2009 15:21


I am staying on this thread. it like Lourdes for AF.

sifuentes · 12/02/2009 15:28

it is like, i meant to say obv...[donut emoticon]


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mermaidspurse · 12/02/2009 15:48

sifuentes weird or what mind you I was a bit militiant yesterday so could have been a sneaky bit of pmt. sneaked into to Boots to look at all that ovulation stuff got confused and left quickly clutching wellman vits with zinc and some pregnacare stuff.

Forrester · 12/02/2009 15:53

LOL Sifuentes, and I need a laugh as well!

sifuentes · 12/02/2009 17:08

Well colour me catholic

mine's just come too. honest!

huzzah!!!!! And thank you Father.

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