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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

*Period after miscarriage*

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sweetnats · 24/03/2005 19:12

Hi I have just joined mumsnet after finding it in a search engine...firstly what a great site! I was also wondering if I could get some advice... I usually have regular periods. I always come on the 10th of every month. I had my second miscarriage on the 8th of feb. My partner and I havent been "trying" but also havent been too careful. I was wondering if its normal to be late after a miscarriage as i still havent come on. I dont want to get my hopes up, and am a little scared to buy a test as I dont want to temp fate. I know that sounds silly. Can anyone enlighten me... many thanks

OP posts:
Spacecadet · 24/03/2005 19:15

hi it can take a month or so for your hormone levels to get back to normal

mummytosteven · 24/03/2005 19:16

Yes it is very normal for the first period after m/c to be delayed I'm afraid. Sorry to hear about m/c.

sweetnats · 24/03/2005 19:40

Hi ya.... thanks a lot, I thought it was quite normal so wasnt getting my hopes too high. Just didnt want to go through the whole process of the P/T. Thanks for all you help

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Nemo1977 · 24/03/2005 20:08

Hi yes it is very normal for ur period to be late after mc, but it is also possible to get pg again without having a period. I would wait till 6 wks after mc then retest and if nothing a week after that then go and see your gp.
good luck and welcome

sweetnats · 24/03/2005 20:48

I cant believe how nice and friendly this site is and how quickly people reply. I think although i know its quite normal to be late after a M/C. I usually have signs of coming on and i just dont feel like i am going to. Also i am occaisionally feeling a little nauseous. Will wait another week before i start to look into it too much :D

thanks again for all your help and support

OP posts:
Spacecadet · 24/03/2005 21:38

good luck, I had a late misscarriage a week ago so know how you are feeling{{{hugs}}}} mumsnet is a great place to find support

sweetnats · 25/03/2005 22:49

hi all
Just to let you know i came on today... would have liked to have been expecting, but its still nice to know for sure. Now i know my dates again i can try again... once again thanks for all your help and support... will be popping on everyday

thanks nats

OP posts:
Nemo1977 · 26/03/2005 09:10

sweet sorry but glad to hear that ..onwards and upwards. If you are going to TTC again then feel free to join us on the trying to concieve for the cautious thread, a lot of us on there recently had mcs over dec/jan etc. Good luck

Nemo1977 · 26/03/2005 09:16

just re read post and it seems im happy for u not being pg which is not the sorry about that but brain hasnt kicked in yet.

Spacecadet · 26/03/2005 11:42

Good luck with ttc sweetnats

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