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Miscarriage due to extra bit on a chromosome - did you know anything about this?

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pecanpie · 17/12/2008 15:38

I've just been for a follow up meet about my miscarriage. They tested the tissue and the reason for mc was due to an extra bit on chromosome 17 p13. This might have been a one off or it might mean that our chance of miscarrying going forward is higher. We decided not to have a bloodtest for genetics as it would only ever mean that our chance of miscarrying is 25% instead of 15-17% and it's not going to stop us trying. We have 1 dd already and this was our first miscarriage, so we know it's possible to have another and it most probably isn't a genetic prob - doc said he only knew 1 couple for whom it was.

I am glad to have the peace of mind that it wasn't because I had too much caffeine/was lax with my coeliac diet/had a bit too much wine, but still upset by it, especially as we found out that it would have been a little girl. It didn't register beforehand that a chromosomal test would reveal that...

I was just wondering if anyone else had had a similar sort of explanantion or knows anything more about this sort of mc. I'm worried if it happened again that it could be later down the line... I forgot to ask.

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StopSittingOnTheTinselPlease · 17/12/2008 16:08

I'm afraid I don't know anything about it, but bumping for you.

hobnob57 · 23/12/2008 22:23

hi pecanpie. I don't know a whole lot of accurate info about this, but I do teach Biology.

The extra bit could have come about by something known as chromosome duplication, which is just one of several ways in which chromosomes can get mutated naturally and entirely randomly during the formation of eggs and sperm. Most doctors put early m/cs down to mutations such as these. As you said, the other alternative is that one of you and your DP have this duplication already and are passing it on in all of your eggs or sperm.

If it's the former, then your chance of it happening again would be the same as everyone else. If it's the latter, then as you say it's a 25% chance.

I've just had a mmc and assume that something like this was the cause of mine. I try to think of the wee one as having a lucky escape.


Millarkie · 23/12/2008 22:47

I'm sorry for your loss
Has the extra bit of chromosome been identified? ie. is it extra chromosome 17 or is it just 'extra chromosome'. What type of doctor gave you the results/explanation?
In some cases the extra bit of chromosome has moved from another chromosome ( a translocation ) which may be present in you or your partner. If this is the case there are 2 ways of inheriting an 'unbalanced' chromosome complement (because there are 2 chromosomes involved) and a baby which inherited the other chromosome involved may be more or less affected (so might be discovered later down the line).
However, if it's a duplication of chromosome 17 then it is most likely to only be inherited in one way.

reindeercantdancethetango · 23/12/2008 22:48

Sorry to hear that.

pecanpie · 24/12/2008 17:28

Thanks for the info hobnob and milarkie.

Milarkie - All we know from the genetics breakdown is that it's an unidentified bit of extra material on a part of chromosome 17. It's thought that the only effect would be miscarriage...

OP posts:
snoopdog · 24/12/2008 17:40


i have a great link site,

hang on a min,

will find it,

have you had more than one miscarriage?

sorry to hear about your sad news,

i had 3 m/c so i had quite a lot of testing done,

it is bloody hard going ((HUGS))

snoopdog · 24/12/2008 17:46

this is the link

it is very complicated,

i found scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking on the first page 'what is a chromosome' and reading the basics and then, one by one, in turn clicking on the links and reading it in order made it easier to understand,

you need to know the basics as it were before you get the bigger picture

i still dont fully understand it but i kind of do

hope you get some answers soon x

pecanpie · 24/12/2008 19:45

Really interesting link - thanks snoopdog for posting. this was my first mc so we decided not to follow up with more testing unless it happens again (we have 1 dd). fingers crossed that it won't happen again...

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