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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

6 unexplained mc's

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aliwally · 15/12/2008 09:22

Hi - I've just had my 6th miscarriage (had an ERPC last Thurs, Dec 11th). All tests show nothing wrong with me or partner. Blood is fine .... Kings & St Mary's done all tests. This baby could have been poorly but awaiting results. Does anyone have a story like this which ended with a healthy baby? I'm desperate - and turning 40 in less than 2 weeks. I feel so so sad and low.

OP posts:
blinks · 15/12/2008 11:51

sorry for your losses aliwally... have only had one very early MC myself so hopefully someone with more experience will answer you soon.

have you been checked for endometriosis? i read this recently on an endo website (i have it)-

Q. I have had two spontaneous miscarriages and later on, when I was diagnosed as having endometriosis, I was told that these events could be related. Is this true?
A. The relationship between spontaneous miscarriages and endometriosis has been a matter of controversy for quite a while. However, many investigators have shown that the rate of miscarriage is higher in patients with endometriosis and shows a marked decline after treatment. It is believed that the biochemistry of the hormones in these patients can explain this phenomenon; for example, decreased serum progesterone in some of the patients and an increased serum prolactin in others. Also, the basic autoimmune problem in these patients can also be a cause.

staryeyed · 15/12/2008 11:59

Im very sorry aliwally. I dont know anything about this but I did see a lady on GMTV who also had unexplained miscarriages. it turned out that she needed extra Folic acid (more than most people need) or something like that. All her miscarriages were at the same time- when the spinal cord developed. She went on to have a healthy baby.

orangehead · 15/12/2008 12:07

Sorry aliwally. How are you doing? I have only had 3 mcs, all my tests came back fine. I then read about taking a low dose aspirin daily so I asked my consultant about it. She basically said that the blood test for that condition did come back normally but the blood test is not always reliable so it might be worth taking it anyway and it wouldnt do any harm. I took it with both my next pregnancies and I have two lovely boys. Obviously I cant say for sure if it was the aspirin that worked. But it might be worth asking them. Sorry if you have already tried this. Thinking of you

aliwally · 15/12/2008 14:04

Thanks to blinks, staryeyed and orangehead for your replies and kind thoughts. I injected daily with heparin with the latest pregnancy (although I had no blood clotting probs, but it has been found to work for some - same as aspirin in that it's a blood thinner) and I know I don't have endemetriosis. It's all so sad. I have a regular perfect cycle of 28 days, I am well and all my test results are ok, including my FSH levels. The babies never make it past 9 weeks, but with this one being so closely monitored I saw the baby at 3 scans - we even saw a healthy heartbeat at 7 weeks, so it felt like I'd been pregnant for so long. The folic acid thing is interesting - I'll pursue that one. Thanks for the advice staryeyed. I'll keep your two lovely boys in my mind orangehead - pleased for you that it worked out. I'm still in my dressing gown watching TV, but I'm going to get showered and go out now, as I know I'll feel better. Thanks lovely people - all other happy tales welcome! x

OP posts:
ephrinedaily · 15/12/2008 14:59

The doctors suggested the same thing re folate levels to my sis who miscarried at the same time 3 times. Turned out she had something different (APS) but worth a try. The blood clotting tests you've had should've checked your folate levels though?

aliwally · 15/12/2008 15:09

Thanks - Oh well, that's that theory out then, although I've just been making notes like a woman possessed so I'll check this out anyway when I see my consultant (Raj Rai) at St Mary's Paddington. My test results are difficult to decipher for someone who's not a Dr (i.e. ME!) It's worth me asking the question re folate levels though - thanks again. I feel rather desperate right now. Still in my dressing gown!

OP posts:
ephrinedaily · 15/12/2008 15:20

I'm so sorry this has happened to you, it's really unfair. My sister did have to have her (done at special haemotology unit) blood tests done 4 different times BTW - the first test the haemotologist concluded no real problems, the next three tests they concluded that some minor probs + her MCs added up to APS. She went on to have a successful pregnancy on heparin+aspirin (I realise you've tried this, but its worth asking for all bloods to be repeated in any case).

aliwally · 15/12/2008 15:52

Thanks - all useful stuff. Kings did them, then St Mary's, as they said the results can differ depending on the lab, so this is consistent with what you say. I might get them done again and again and make myself such a pain in the a**e that they'll do anything to shut me up! I'm determined to take more control this time. Thanks ephrinedaily.

OP posts:
kd73 · 15/12/2008 16:25

Sorry to hear of your experiences, having experienced 2 m/c, I know how devastating they are.

I am currently pg again and therefore have not had any investigations for recurrent m/c, however a friend of mine worked at a fertility clinic and suggested it could be due to "killer cells". From recollection this is contraversial in the UK, but you may find the following information helpful and wish to make further enquiries: -

Good luck and sorry again for your losses.

redhotredhead · 15/12/2008 16:31

You poor thing. My close friend had 8 mc's and now has a five year old. She had IVF treatment with Mohammed Tarranisi at the ARGC clinic in London and sorry I can't remember the detail but it involved tests that were only done in USA. MAybe something to do with killer cells like previous posted mentioned. Anyway, this was really just to say I know someone who had a similar story with a happy ending. Take care.

redhotredhead · 15/12/2008 16:32

And forgot to say ... she was 44 when her baby was born.

pferd · 15/12/2008 16:40

I think I may have just miscarried. My last period was six weeks ago (am normally very regular 28-30 days), and for the past couple of weeks I have felt pregnant (heightened sense of smell, sore boobs etc). Then on Saturday I had some spotting, and the same on Sunday, and by this morning I was having a heavy period with a lot of clots.

I felt sure that I was pregnant, but without having done a test I don't know for certain. This might be a stupid question, but does anyone know if there is any way of finding out at this stage? I know it shouldn't make any difference now, but I am feeling very low, as though I am grieving, but don't know if I am grieving for something that was real or just in my head.

pferd · 15/12/2008 16:41

So sorry - meant to start new thread.

aliwally · 15/12/2008 16:45

Thanks for recent messages (esp good to know your friend was 44) - I have read lots (today!) about the NK cell theory and am considering contacting the Liverpool Women's Hospital who do believe in this as a cause of m/c's. I plan to get tested. All very helpful and reassuring stuff from you lovely people. I'm feeling a bit better already.

OP posts:
aliwally · 15/12/2008 16:48

Sorry my message overlapped with yours pferd .... try doing a test anyway, quickly, as your HCG levels might still be detectable, if you really need to know.....? I totally understand how you feel as 2 of mine were at 5.5 and 6 weeks and it helps just to know what it is you're going through.

OP posts:
kd73 · 15/12/2008 16:49

Aliwally, glad you are feeling better and hope that they find out what is causing the miscarriages.

Pferd, a pregnancy test may still test positive as it takes quite a while for the hormones to disappear. If it is positive, I would suggest making an appt with your GP to check HCG levels.

sue10 · 15/12/2008 19:10

Hi Aliwally,
so sorry for you my lovely,
just wanted to send you some gentle cuber hugs. The ladies on here really do care and offer so much support and help.

Your sad story is similar to mine and i see you have now looked into nk cells. This seems to be a big thing at the moment with the first nhs trials taking place to research them at LWH with Dr Quenby. It might be worth also looking at the following clinics:

The ARGC in London and CARE at Nottingham where they do the full level 2 chicago tests such as the nk cell testing and Th1 and Th2 which ia also associated with early mc and implantation failure. There is also Mr Shehata at Harley Street and Epsom General but he does not prescribe Humira if needed as the other two clinics mention do.

Takecare sweetie.

aliwally · 15/12/2008 19:52

Very kind message and useful contacts too Sue10 - thank you. Where are you at with all of this? It really is a nightmare, but the support on here is wonderful. Are you making progress? Have you had any successful pregnancies? Sorry for all the questions. Big cyber hug back to you .....

OP posts:
blinks · 15/12/2008 19:55

did you have a laparoscopy aliwally?

i think taking control as much as possible is the best way to go... as you say, make a nuisance of yourself.

aliwally · 15/12/2008 19:58

No but I've had a hysteroscopy and loads of scans (incl 3d) to check ovaries, uterus etc. All looks fine .... but is it possible to have endemetriosis and not know about it and is a laparoscopy the only way to find out? Thanks blinks.

OP posts:
sue10 · 15/12/2008 20:15

sadly no successful pregnancies as yet but many early mc's.
well after trying to maintain a pregnancy using steroids, heparin, progesterone i am still no further forward so am now waiting for appointment to have the level 2 chicago tests done at CARE Nottingham with the wonderful Dr George Ndukwe, he seems to have a very good reputation. Am really hoping he has some answers!!!! Takecare

sue10 · 15/12/2008 20:15

sadly no successful pregnancies as yet but many early mc's.
well after trying to maintain a pregnancy using steroids, heparin, progesterone i am still no further forward so am now waiting for appointment to have the level 2 chicago tests done at CARE Nottingham with the wonderful Dr George Ndukwe, he seems to have a very good reputation. Am really hoping he has some answers!!!! Takecare

orangehead · 15/12/2008 20:44

I also read quite a good book
It is actually about trying to conceive but also has a chapter on preventing mc. She believes that both problems conceiving and mc can be caused by lack of nutrients. The book gives contact details of her clinic where she tests you and your partner to see what vits and minerals you are short of and puts you on a programme to increase what you deficit in. Dont know if that any help or not.

aliwally · 15/12/2008 21:34

Everything is a help - thanks orangehead.

Sue10 - I hope it all goes well at the CARE clinic - thinking of you. Aliwally x

OP posts:
blinks · 15/12/2008 23:05

Aliwally- hysteroscopy cannot diagnose endometriosis. only a laparoscopy can.

i coped this from website-

Can a hysteroscopy diagnose endometriosis?

No. Endometriosis is when cells that usually line the uterus grow in places other than the womb, such as on the ovaries, fallopian tubes or in the abdominal cavity. This means that looking inside the womb cannot diagnose endometriosis.

If your doctor is looking for endometriosis specifically, then you will need to undergo a different procedure called a laparoscopy, which is an investigation of your abdominal cavity and is not performed as an outpatient.

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