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any pain/bleeding after ERPC? going for mine on monday

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lalatele · 06/12/2008 21:50

hi all, after 2 weeks of waiting for the bleeding to start(been told had a missed mc), have finally decided to get over and done with...however, i am dreading it...what are the risks...? am just scared i may die, lose my fertility, not see my dc again....nobody(apart from very close friends and family) around knows i have mc, so will have to behave normal as soon long did it take you? i have been off work for 2 weeks already and should be until next friday, but i would really like to take one more week it reasonable or do u think my boss will think i am taking the piss?
please advice

OP posts:
Curlywurlee · 06/12/2008 22:04

Hi Lalatele, I found out I'd had a mmc at my first scan about five weeks ago. I opted for the ERPC. There are risks that they should outline to you, including that it could affect your fertility or perforate an organ but they seemed very small to me. The biggest risk is that it won't work completely as it didn't for me, but that just meant I bled afterwards for about a week.

I am still really glad I got it done. Honestly it was over so fast and I felt a big sense of relief.

I had already been off for a week and a half when I had my erpc and I went back to work a few days later. I think it was too soon to be honest. Take the time you need. Some people take a couple of days off, others are off for months.

Hope it goes well for you. Big Hugs xxx

TheBlonde · 06/12/2008 22:06

um, I think the risks are same with any general anaesthetic plus v small risk of them perforating your uterus
also risk that they don't get it all out and that you have to have a second ERPC

They should go through all this with you when you sign the consent form

I had hardly any bleeding afterwards but I did have help at home for a further week so I'd recommend getting the doc to sign you off

Good luck

lalatele · 07/12/2008 10:48

thanks...i hope it will be ok... i am now dreading it...

OP posts:
pecanpie · 07/12/2008 12:03

Really sorry you've had a mc.
Don't worry about the procedure. It's only the anaesthetic that you have to worry about and having it done most likely puts you in a better position - they hopefully get everything out and you should recover more quickly. I was physically back to normal within 2 weeks, although emotionally it's a bit harder to deal with.

I went back a week after the D&C and it was hard physically rather than emotionally. Just pace yourself when you do go back - don't take on too much work and get some early nights in the first week as it's emotionally exhausting. Good luck xx

Curlywurlee · 07/12/2008 12:08

I'll be thinking of you lalatele. Try not to worry though I know it's impossible not to. When I look back I can see that the first bit before the erpc was the worst. I'm still up and down all the time but it's not as bad as that awful grief when you know it's over but physically nothing has happened. When are you getting the erpc done?

There is a thread called Emmsys angels on Mumsnet and the girls there have been really amazing in helping me through my mmc. Please join us there hun if you need to talk xxx

lalatele · 07/12/2008 18:02

thank you all for your support, will keep you updated...hoping i will get an early night sleep and dc will not trouble me too much tonight(normally wake up 3-4 times at night, but last night was so great!

OP posts:
silvermum · 08/12/2008 20:43

how did it go?
i just wanted to add that i recovered very quickly from mine - physically anyway. emotionally i also felt a lot better once it was over. i had the op on a Friday and was back at work after the weekend. i actually felt perfectly normal the day afterwards. but i believe that time taken off work related to pregnancy doesn't count towards your sickness record. (it cannot, legally, or it becomes sex discrimination.) I imagine, but don't know, that a miscarriage falls into the category of "pregnancy related". others may have more precise info on this...

ladylush · 09/12/2008 00:54

Yes my boss counted my 2 days off as special leave. I was back at work 2 days after ERPC. Hardly any pain the day after surgery but did need codeine on the day itself. Bleeding was heavy for 2 days, then light. Stopped completely after 12 days.

AuntyFlo · 11/12/2008 20:35

It's hard to say when it is the right time to go back after ERPC.
Here's my experience: I had an emergency ERPC in July due to MMC as I bled heavily. Should have been 10 weeks but baby stopped growing at 6-7 weeks.
The operation was very straight forward. I was told to take a week off work mainly because I was v.anaemic.
A week was long enough for me personally and after that it was nice to get back into a routine and helped me move on emotionally. Can't say it's easy and I feel for you all! Had a second MC last month but hospital staff weren't worried as I'm fine inside. They just put it down to bad luck so wish me luck everyone!
I am here for anyone who needs to share their experience.

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