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early miscarriage - what happens?

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SilverSixpence · 27/11/2008 18:11

asking on behalf of my SIL, she had a positive pg test last weekend then ended up in hospital when she felt dizzy after a dentist appointment. she had a negative test there, but they did a blood test to check and rang to tell her it was positive. She started bleeding on tues and it hasnt stopped. Her GP didnt refer her for a scan or do another blood test, just told her to do a repeat pg test on friday?? is this normal, i would have thought it was likely to still be positive until the hormones are out of her system, and surely a scan would be needed anyway to confirm? please advise thanks. she thinks she was about six weeks, and it is her second mc so i really feel for her, especially as me and another SIL have just had babies

OP posts:
littleboyblue · 27/11/2008 18:14

I've had 3 and yes, they should def scan o make sure that it is a m/c and if so that all has passed.
You can get a positive result for about 2 weeks after until the hormone levels drop.
The hormone in the blood increases with each day, so they can work out roughly how pregnant she is/was.
I'd advise her to go back to gp. But now they get charged for referrals to hospital they must just be trying to cut corners.

mistlethrush · 27/11/2008 18:26

For this early you don't always get a scan - as long as tests come back -ve all should be OK as long as cycle settles down etc. Or that's what I've been told anyway.

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