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Almost NO bleeding after ERPC - bit odd, isn't it?

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silvermum · 22/11/2008 13:34

hello everyone
i had my ERPC yesterday morning. it went as well as i could have hoped and wasn't nearly as traumatic as i'd feared. the hospital staff were all really nice. however, i'm surprised by how little bleeding i've had since. there was a small bit yesterday but almost none since. i mean so little i forgot to even put a pad on. has anyone else had hardly any bleeding after the operation? i'm interested as i have a theory (totally unmedical i'm sure) that my miscarriages could be linked to me having a very thin womb lining. my periods are very short and light. probably nonsense but you know how you look for 'reasons' why it's happened...!

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Beckyc2812 · 22/11/2008 13:52

Firstly, I am so sorry. I also miscarried and had a D&C (the same as a ERPC) and bleed very little too. They do take nearly everything out (so there won't be any infection from tissue left inside) with the procedure so maybe that's why ? And as for looking for a 'reason' I am sure you know that 1 in 3 pregnancies will end in miscarriage and it obviously just wasn't meant to be. Is it your first ? I had one first then went onto have 2 healthy children. If you have more than 3 they will investigate further. Try to stay positive x x

silvermum · 22/11/2008 17:26

thanks Becky - it's my second. the first was in july and was a real shock as i've got a healthy little boy (16 months) and had no problems with that pregnancy. i thought the mc was "just bad luck" and honestly didn't think it would happen a second time. but i'm hoping this one was "just bad luck" too, and am really optimistic we'll be third time lucky.

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monkeybumsmum · 22/11/2008 18:33

Hi Silvermum,

I'm so sorry to hear about your miscarriage . I've had two ERPC's - with the first one I bled reasonably heavily afterwards, but the second one was how you describe, with very light bleeding if at all. I thought it was all over after a couple of days, but then it started up again (very lightly) and was then on and off for about ten days - really weird.
My second one was done completely in hospital and I think she got everything out but with the first I'd already started miscarrying naturally so maybe that made a difference? I had tests after the second one as it was at 12 weeks, and was found to have had a partial molar pregnancy, so the lack of bleeding didn't have anything to do with the lining of the womb as far as I know.

I really am so sorry you're going through this, I know how heartbreaking it is. Maybe you should consider asking the doctor about your theory re lining of the womb - you never know, maybe you're right and they hadn't considered it?

I hope you are luckier next time round x

Gateau · 24/11/2008 10:24

Silvermum, I also had very little bleeding after my ERPC back in the summer.
I then had bleeding 17 days after the ERPC and put this down to my period. I had another period after that - at the right time - and then got pg. Sadly this also ended in m/c.
The thin womb lining could I suppose be a cause, but it could also be just plain bad luck. That's what the medics told me they thought my mcs were anyway. I guess it's worth mentioning to them anyway, though. I'm wondering if a very thin womb lining is something I could have as I also have short, lightish periods.

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