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did you have a follow up appointment after your ERPC?

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ruddynorah · 20/11/2008 16:55

had a missed miscarriage 3 months ago, then had ERPC. no mention at the time of a follow up appointment.

now i have a letter telling me i have to go back in to attend the miscarriage clinic on december 1st.

rang them up, much hmming and aahhing, no one seemed sure what this appointment was for. this was 2 days ago. finally got a call back today and they said i need to come in to discuss results.

is this normal? do i need to be worried? they didn't say at the time i'd be going back to discuss results and when i spoke to them on the phone it didn't seem routine IYSWIM.

OP posts:
cnutdibbler · 20/11/2008 17:09

No, I've never had a follow up.

It might be that you had a partial molar pregnancy, but I don't know how soon they usually get back to you on those.

poppy34 · 20/11/2008 17:11

no had nothing after mine - I wouldnt worry -sounds like they are actually being efficient and careful

TheBlonde · 20/11/2008 17:11

no follow up here

ruddynorah · 20/11/2008 17:13

partial molar? oh feck.

there was a spine to the foetus, does that make a difference? i mean, it was an actual baby, not just cells.

OP posts:
ruddynorah · 20/11/2008 17:22

anyone else?

OP posts:
TheBlonde · 20/11/2008 18:15

how many weeks were you?

it may be they have checked for chromosomal abnormalities and they will give you those results

sorry can't be much help

ruddynorah · 20/11/2008 19:22

8 ish. found out at 12 week scan.

they didn't say i'd be called back for anything.

OP posts:
Springflower · 20/11/2008 21:08

When I had D&C they said that they couldnt test what was there because there wasnt enough left too test - implication being that they would have if there was. The fact they called you back to say they wanted to discuss the results suggests that they have checked for abnormalities and have found something that could explain why you miscarried but isnt necessarily anything to worry about. If it was anything to worry about I'm sure they would have been seeing you quicker. I know its hard not to worry but hopefully it will all be fine.

ruddynorah · 21/11/2008 18:55

thanks guys. this is going to be shit waiting all this time.

OP posts:
monkeybumsmum · 23/11/2008 14:09

Hi Ruddynorah - just seen your thread. It does sound like they've found something, but as Springflower said it might not be anything to worry about.

I lost a baby in September at 12 weeks, and found out in October that it had been a partial molar pregnancy. It wasn't just cells (think that is with a complete molar) but it was a normal looking foetus which at 8 weeks had had a heartbeat. It was actually comforting to find out that there had been a reason for the loss of this baby, and that it might not necessarily happen again.

I hope that whatever it is that you find out at the appointment is as positive as it can be given the circumstance x

ruddynorah · 23/11/2008 14:11

they let you know pretty quick then? i'm 3 months on which seems odd.

did you have to have treatment after your results?

OP posts:
monkeybumsmum · 23/11/2008 14:19

It does seem odd, but then by the time they get the results of any tests and then make you an appointment I'm sure the time whizzes by.

I haven't had to have any treatment so far. Am being monitored monthly for HCG levels, but so far it's looking good and they are normal (ie -ve). I think it's very rare to have to have treatment with a partial molar. From what I've read/heard it seems that if you have a complete molar the chances of having to have treatment are a lot higher. The only real difference it's made to me is that we HAVE to wait to ttc again. We were going to wait anyway, as we have lost two babies this year and just couldn't cope with trying again yet. It's really not been a problem.

Plus, as I said earlier, it's made things so much easier knowing that there was a reason, that this baby wasn't lost for nothing.

There are other chromosomal abnormalities that it could be, but again take heart in that it probably will have been a one off.

It might not even be anything to do with chromosomes - did you and your DH have tests too?

Please let us know how you get on won't you...

ruddynorah · 23/11/2008 14:32

thanks. i've been on this site which is kind of reassuring. so if i go in the appointment and they say this is what it is at least i half know what they're on about.

i remember when they said i'd had a missed miscarriage and were asking me what sort of treatment i wanted in my head i was just saying i want to check with mn. so i feel a bit more prepared now.

i'll be devastated if we have to wait to ttc again. we were planning on going for it in december, for a september baby. ffs.

neither of us have had any tests before for anything. had dd no problems what so ever...then this miscarriage 2 years later.

OP posts:
ruddynorah · 23/11/2008 14:34

at the 12 wk scan the sonographer did say she saw a spinal pole. i could see myself there wasn't much on the screen. i asked her if it was just a sac. so that means it wasn't fully molar doesn't it?

OP posts:
Habbibu · 23/11/2008 14:39

I'm just coming to the end of follow-up after a partial mole first diagnosed in April - this wasn't diagnosed at the scan (think pms quite often aren't) and so we had a call-back like yours - didn't have quite as long a wait, tbh, but I guess it depends on the speed at which labs and admin works, etc - our local hosp happens to be the Scottish centre, which made things easier.

I'm sorry you're having to wait another week before you know what they want to discuss - that is a pain. I can tell you that the waiting, though hard, is bearable - can't believe I only have one more test to go...

monkeybumsmum · 23/11/2008 14:51

Have a look at this site too if you want more info on molar pregnancies - this was the best one I found, and when I rang them for advice the lady I spoke to was great.

Can I ask if you had lots of sickness when you were pregnant? I know that's one of the symptoms of a partial molar - I was hospitalised with it...

I think you're right - with a complete molar there is no embryo at all so it looks like it's not a complete one anyway.

I really hope that it wasn't a molar pg, and that you can go on and try again next month. I have my fingers crossed for you!

Habbibu Are you going to ttc again when you get the all clear? I am so excited about it already, and we have to wait till next March! Good luck if you are x

Habbibu · 23/11/2008 15:07

mbm - god, yes - like a shot. We've stopped being careful, tbh, but didn't have sex any time near when I was ovulating. I think the next sample and ovulation could be about the same time! March will come quickly - can't believe how quickly the last few months have done.

Weirdly, I felt that there was something wrong with this pg because I wasn't sick, but think that partial mole symptoms are a bit more variable.

ruddynorah - keeping fingers crossed for you - do keep us updated, please.

ruddynorah · 23/11/2008 15:23

i was never sick. just very tired and nauseous all the time, especially afternoons. but then i work evenings so am kind of tired all the time. and nausea is to be expected. i dunno, looking back i suppose i was more ill that i should have expected, but kind of put it down to other things. never knew about molars till a couple days ago.

OP posts:
ruddynorah · 01/12/2008 15:51


so i had my appointment today.

doctor said i have something very unusual to tell you.

i it a partial pregnancy

she said yes.

she was dumbfounded at seeing someone who knew what one was so thanks guys for telling me all about it. i read tons. doctor even brough a couple of student doctors in to use me as an example, not great seeings as i had no questions and was pre empting everything she said. but hey ho.

had blood and urine tests today, same again around boxing day. then 6 months of piss pot tests via sheffield plus any treatment deemed necessary.

doctor asked me how i knew so much, i said mumsnet.

she said ahhh i see.

OP posts:
ruddynorah · 01/12/2008 15:51

partial molar obviously..

OP posts:
Habbibu · 01/12/2008 16:05

Oh, I'm sorry, rn - BUT - I'm actually glad it wasn't something really weird and difficult, iyswim? I have today sent off what I think (fingers crossed) should be my last test, and it hasn't been too bad. The first few weeks were tough (see my mp thread for details) as I felt so frustrated and left behind again, but it's been fine, in general - so happy it's nearly over!

The molar follow-up centres are really good - have heard nothing but brilliant things about them. I hope your follow-up goes as well as mine has (not wanting to pre-empt Thursday's results, mind) - keep us in touch with your levels!

ruddynorah · 01/12/2008 16:51


OP posts:
monkeybumsmum · 05/12/2008 13:14

Hi ruddynorah Just seen your last couple of posts... Sorry that it was confirmed as being a partial molar - how are you feeling about it now?

Have you had the results of the blood and urine tests back yet? I didn't start being monitored until almost three months after I lost the baby (due to confusion here in Belgium - gynae apparently hadn't heard of pmp's ). Anyway, when I had my first blood test my hCG was already back down to 5 which is normal I think. Not sure how long it took to get there though due to crapness of gynae.

The time you have to wait will fly by, even if you think it won't. I can't believe that already I only have a couple more months to go!

Hope you're okay - if you want to chat then I'll keep an eye on this thread x

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