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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Anyone else in limbo like me? Trying to get over mc but not yet ready (or able) to try again?

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Sabs1981 · 19/11/2008 19:52

I had a mmc 2 months ago and had medical management. Was told to wait 3 months before trying again, but the waiting is leaving me so frustrated!!

have since booked a holiday to india over xmas and NY to try and deter me from trying again b4 the 3 months is up, but i still feel so impatient

since my mc have found out that not every1 waits 3 months after medical management but DH is taking the medics words so seriously and is adamant we dont try until the new year

Would really appreciate some words of encouragement

OP posts:
Jools1 · 19/11/2008 20:02

Sabs - from what I have read, old-school medics say 3 months but current thinking seems to be one cycle, if that - that link I posted earlier also has some info about when to try again - if the doctor hasn't given you any specific reasons why you should wait, why not show that to your DP, or go back and speak to your GP about it ?

I reckon a lovely long holiday like that is the perfect time to get a BFP - am very jealous

I've been told I don't need to wait at all and am very keen to TTC one minute, then absolutely terrified of having 12 weeks and more of worry and frantic knicker checking and imagining bleeding out suddenly all over again somewhere completely embarrassing and awful I can't really see a point to life without trying to start a family though, so will do it - with much trepidation and a lot less joy than filled the last 12 weeks.

Habbibu · 19/11/2008 20:06

Have been in similar situation twice - first time lost baby at 21 weeks, and had to take high dose folic acid for 3 months before trying again. This year I had a molar pregnancy - 2 months until hcg levels dropped, and then 6 months follow-up. I felt really grim at the start this year, and it's been a bit of a rocky road, but time has speeded up, it seems, and now I have one more follow-up - hurray!

It does seem hard, but you could think of it as a chance to get yourself into good shape - I swam a lot, and we also took a holiday which really helped, after losing dd1 - dd2 was born the following year, and is now a lovely 2 year old. Find nice things to do, keep well, and the time will pass. I promise.

TheBlonde · 19/11/2008 20:30

I am in limbo too, mc 3 mths ago and can't try again until next year due to travel plans

I'm now leaning towards not trying again for some time but will wait and see how I feel

Have you asked your GP if you need to wait?

Sabs1981 · 19/11/2008 20:44

It was the EPAU who told me to wait, but GP concurred. But DH really wont budge, and is so scared that ttc now will increase the risks of mc again and he doesnt want to have to see me go through that again or have to go through it himself

TBH i dont want to possibly want to be pregnant and be travelling halfway around the world, because then I'll be worried about increasing the risk of mc again.

My heart is telling me one thing and my head another....

On top of everything else, I may be made redundant by march 09 which doesnt help my planning for 2009

gosh, im boring myself with all my moaning!

sorry to hear about your situations TheBlonde, Habbibu and jools (who ive "spoken" to b4)

jools know what you mean about the knicker checking, worry, trepidation

good luck to us all for the future...

OP posts:
TheBlonde · 19/11/2008 21:19

At least you are 2/3 of the way there
And you have a lovely holiday booked

Sabs1981 · 19/11/2008 21:31

thats true TheBlonde thanks for making me see the positive side...

I'll shut up now

OP posts:
TheBlonde · 19/11/2008 21:36

see only a few weeks left to wait

Sabs1981 · 19/11/2008 21:38

Hope you're able to decide too soon as to what you would like to do....

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